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Labor law is the body of law that regulates labor relationships. Labor lawyers can work for either management or labor. The management side of labor law focuses on representing corporations and other institutions in matters related to hiring, firing, promotions, discrimination issues, pay disputes with unions or individual employees, benefits administration and compliance with government regulations involving workers. Labor lawyers on the union side focus on representing employees in matters related to pay, benefits, discrimination, harassment and unfair labor practices by management. A lawyer practicing in this area may be referred to by a variety of titles including employment lawyer, labor lawyer or labor relations attorney.
Labor law is important because it governs the relationship between employers and employees. The laws cover a wide range of issues, from hiring and firing to benefits and safety. Labor law also sets out the rules for collective bargaining between unions and management, and regulates how strikes and picketing can be used by workers. Collective bargaining is a process where representatives of workers and employers meet to negotiate terms and conditions of employment. The main purpose of collective bargaining is to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both sides. If an agreement cannot be reached, the workers may go on strike. The importance of labor law cannot be overemphasized. It is essential in ensuring that the rights of both employers and employees are protected. While labor law is important in ensuring that the rights of employees are protected, it is also important for employers. Employers need to be aware of the laws that apply to them so they can stay in compliance. Failing to comply with labor law can result in significant fines and even imprisonment.

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