How We Used Instagram to Rank an Estate Planning Attorney on Google

Google is great, but sometimes you need to get a little creative when publishing content as an attorney. Posting videos on Instagram answering questions about your industry can grow your firm & help you rank on Google
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Estate planning attorneys need to answer a few basic questions when marketing themselves. They should know who they are, what their practice entails and how it can benefit the person looking into hiring them for legal services before closing any potential deals. Answering these things online is extremely important because the first thing a potential client will do is look up a question they would ask you on Google! Nowadays consumers want answers quickly - even faster than a few years ago. Google is still a great way to produce content, especially within the law community. But why not be unique? The more creative your marketing campaigns the higher yield of potential clients you can capture.

A recent report identified that 32% of all Instagram users are between the ages of 25-34 years old. Normally this is the age where professionals have the cash and some assets to start thinking how to protect or pass down what they worked so hard for to their family or future family. So, the question is: How do we target this group of people? How do we get in front of those who are willing to invest in their future? How do we convince this group of people they should hire an Estate Planning attorney? The answer is cliche, but it’s 

Now that we know education is the answer to all of our problems, let’s discuss the next few questions you’re asking yourself.

  1. How should we educate our pool of clients?
  2. What should I teach?

You will basically have to produce quality content answering commonly and less commonly asked questions that will be shown to various people on Instagram. You may be asking: does this really work?

We've made a custom video posting campaign and used it for an attorney in the US. After 4 months, we saw improvements, and by month 9 – we were top of google for Estate Planning Attorneys in our target city. As you can see at first, there was very little growth. Over a few months we gradually increased traffic until we nearly doubled from our initial start after 6 months.

Posting Estate Planning Content on Instagram

So what exactly did we post? To simplify things, there are two types of videos – short & long form. We created & published both. Videos longer than 60 seconds are considered long-form while videos under 60 seconds are referred to as short form. We also posted pictures every once in a while that were typically 1080x1080 in size.

  • For short-form videos, we posted them on both Instagram Reels and Feed. 
  • For long-form videos, we posted them on IGTV (Instagram TV). 

When first starting out and depending on your comfort level of being in front of the camera, you should be posting two videos a week. One short-form, and one long-firm and there’s reasons behind this.  When posting on a platform, you want to be all over the place! You want to be on Instagram Reels, the Feed, IGTV, and even stories promoting each piece of content. Why? Because each of these placements offer a unique experience in terms of views and engagement. You can post short form content on Instagram Reels and see 100 plays, but if it was posted on Instagram's normal feed you may only see 30 plays. It’s always about testing. 

What Should Estate Planning Attorneys Post on Instagram

So it makes sense – let's post twice a week on Instagram. What are we posting about though? Your goal should be to answer simple, digestible answers to questions relating to Estate Planning. Imagine if someone looked up a query into Google, your video would be answering that search. It's really simple, but you have to figure out what content is both easy to understand & relevant to something somebody would want to watch.

How should these videos be recorded? Do you need a professional camera? If you want to, sure! We had our client use their iPhone & the quality looks great! Don’t overthink the equipment and just simply hit the record button. Once done recording, upload the video to Instagram, add a title/summary of your video and post. 

The one thing you should know when uploading content on social media is knowing that being consistent is what will make or break you. Pick a schedule of uploading content, whether it’s daily, weekly, bi-weekly, just be sure to stick to it and be consistent. If you're just starting off, you could aim to post your short-form video on Tuesdays and your long-form on Thursday or Friday.

How To Think of Estate Planning Video Content Ideas

So how can you come up with ideas on generating content every week? Remember, these pieces of content are meant to be short, concise, and quick to the point. A great place to look for ideas would be your sales calls! What are the questions your leads are asking your receptionist? What are they asking during consultations? What do top forums say? What are the top articles that appear on Google when you do a relevant Google search? Is there a FAQ on your site? Competitors site?

As you can see, there are hundreds of sources to pull potential topics from and the opportunity to showcase that you are the subject expert. We're a huge fan of video because 1: the prospect can get to know you before having a consultation and 2: these answers add credibility to your brand! Video proves you know your stuff. 

What's Next?

Now that you know the strategy, it's all about posting! Brainstorm a list of ideas you would answer in these videos, sit down and produce some content, and post consistently! You'll naturally see your impressions, clicks, and calls grow for your firm. Over a few months you'll have tons of content available and will see your brand start to rise online. Best of luck with your marketing and hope to see you at the top of Google searches!

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