Published December 3, 2021

How Personal Injury Lawyers Should Advertise Online

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Let's face it, the digital marketing landscape is ever-changing. In particular, Google really seems to have a love/hate relationship with website marketers right now. On one hand, they want to improve user experience by striving for quality content wherever possible and on the other hand, they're trying their best to crack down on spammy sites that exist only to game the SEO system (i.e., sites that exist for no other reason than to create SEO traffic).

That's why marketers must evolve their strategies constantly, in both organic and paid search channels, if they want to stay ahead of Google's ever-surfacing algorithm updates. SEO is becoming more difficult by the minute, so marketers must use every tool available in order to remain competitive.

That said, SEO is still by far the best way for personal injury attorneys to attract potential clients in large quantities. SEO takes patience and time, it can't be done overnight, but if SEO is done well, sites ranking first on Google will be able to attract more than their fair share of organic search traffic and subsequently earn a significant portion of new clients and cases.

As SEO becomes increasingly difficult as more sites exist with no purpose other than to spam SEO traffic, it's important to have SEO professionals who are constantly on top of SEO best practices. SEOs must be able to walk the fine line between creating search engine friendly content and avoiding what Google deems as "unnatural." Agencies should also be up-to-date on all of Google's algorithm updates in order to ensure that their advice is always effective.

Commonly Searched Issues

An example of what an SEO marketing agency can do to help personal injury attorneys is to create content that addresses specific pain points or problems people commonly search Google for when looking for legal advice. There are millions of Google searches every day with queries like "I got into a car accident, what should I do?" and "my husband beat me up, am I entitled to compensation?" Many people are searching Google for answers to questions like these because they genuinely don't know where to turn. Helping personal injury attorneys create content around this is a great way for them to attract potential clients in the thousands.

PPC Advertising Keywords

Another thing marketing agencies can do to help personal injury lawyers is advise which keywords would be best to target in PPC advertising campaigns. PPC is a great way for personal injury attorneys to catch potential clients that are actively seeking information, rather than passive prospects searching Google without really knowing what they're looking for. Agencies can help those lawyers find the right keywords and successfully optimize their accounts so as to generate the most amount of traffic possible.

Competitor Research Strategy

One thing marketing firms can also help personal injury attorneys with is to conduct competitor research and analyze what those competitors are doing well and where they may be lacking. This information will come in handy when creating a marketing strategy for the firm, as it will determine which areas need improvement or which techniques are being underutilized.

Local Search Rankings

Another thing agencies can do is suggest a strategy for moving up in local search rankings. One of the best ways to get personal injury clients, especially those who are actively searching for legal help on Google, is by appearing prominently in local search rankings. While this doesn't work for everyone, it can be an extremely effective way to generate new business if accomplished correctly.

Specific Keyword Research

Marketing agencies could further help personal injury lawyers is find new keywords for content writing articles that those attorneys may not know about, or those attorneys simply don't have the time to research. Knowing which keywords to target is one of the most important aspects of SEO, as they can help generate a large amount of traffic for a site if implemented correctly.

Outsourcing Marketing Work

Lastly, SEO marketers could do a lot of the work that personal injury attorneys don't have time to do themselves. For those who simply don't have the time or resources available, it is possible to outsource a large portion of SEO responsibilities. This way, lawyers can focus their time and energy on what is important: running their business and converting new clients.


In conclusion, while SEO is becoming increasingly difficult for personal injury attorneys to utilize, there are still ways that they can generate traffic and potentially new clients if done correctly. Using the services of an SEO professional should be one of the first things on a personal injury attorneys to-do list in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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