How Powerful is the Breakdance WordPress Builder Compared to Alternatives

Published July 10, 2022

The Breakdance WordPress builder has been out for a little while now, and amid the controversy, has gained some users testing and exploring all the features. At the time of writing this, the builder is still in early Alpha stage and is fairly buggy. The builder promises to simplify the editing process for WordPress pages and posts, making it easier for users to develop content, while emphasizing extremely fast loading speeds. We'll be taking a look into the builder after having used it for a few weeks to see how its features fare.

How Fast is Breakdance?

We've tested the editor on a few different sample sites and results have been fairly consistent. The editor loads within about 3 seconds on lighter pages. On the front end, it loads a basic site with about 7 stylesheets and 2 scripts, all of which load within 500ms. 

Most stylesheets and scripts load very fast with little bloat attached. The builder does claim to load sites in record time, and considering how early the builder is, our tests show that it's still one of the fastest loading WordPress builders available.

Breakdance vs Oxygen Builder

If the Oxygen builder was raising a child, it would be Breakdance. You simply cannot compare the two 1:1 since they were both created with separate goals in mind. Breakdance is meant for a newer website designer who might not want to pay an agency thousands of dollars to develop a site when they can create something that works in marginal time, without being exposed to the bloat and lag that comes with a traditional WordPress builder.

The Oxygen WordPress builder is a more advanced and feature-rich page builder that is meant for more experienced users. It offers a wide range of developer tools and should be used by those that want even greater flexibility and control over their website

Breakdance vs Other Builders

Having created tons of WordPress sites in bloated editors like Elementor, Divi, Page Builder were really excited to try out Breakdance. Elementor is known as one of the easiest builders to use but adds tons of unnecessary junk compared to default Gutenburg and Oxygen. For the ease of editing, Breakdance is on track to being a far superior builder to building a site completely from scratch with a current leader like Elementor.

Websites Built in Breakdance

In the Official Facebook Breakdance group, users have been sharing some of their recent work made with the builder.

One user recreated the Apple home screen in about 4 hours, pretty impressive! It's an extremely well-made mockup considering the lack of full-fledged customization features present in Oxygen. Check out the full page mockup and his post.

Another user took a more traditional approach, building a one-page business website with a hero and pricing module. It's a very straightforward design that looks great and adds more layers of complexity.

Breakdance Planned Features

A lot of quality of life updates are planning to be worked on soon. Currently, they're working on upgrading the built in forms, header/footers, tabs, popup modals, and creation API. I'm sure the next update will squash a lot of server errors and misbehaviors currently present in this Alpha.


While it is still too early to make a full judgement on the Builder, from what we've seen so far, it does have potential to be a powerful WordPress page builder. The fast loading speeds and ability to create complex designs are impressive, and we're excited to see how the Builder develops over time. It's important to keep reporting bugs to the support team on Github to help make the Builder even better and get it closer to a stable release.

Have you tried the Breakdance WordPress Builder? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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