Published December 10, 2021

How to Optimize your Instagram Business Account

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Small businesses can benefit from Instagram because it's a very easy to use social media platform that allows users to upload pictures and videos as well as promote their business. It's a great marketing tool because it allows small businesses to market their products and services to a younger, more attentive audience. In this article, we will discuss how you can optimize your small business' Instagram page.

1) Showcase your products

When you're first starting out, the best thing to do on Instagram is to showcase your products. Take pictures of what you sell and use hashtags that would be relevant for those specific posts. If you run a store that sells clothes, using hashtags like #fashion or #style will help you gain more likes on your posts.

Remember, you are using Instagram to sell whatever it is that your company sells. People are following you for a reason, so they want to see content that will give them some kind of value or be helpful in some way. If you're not showcasing products or offering any value at all, then people aren't going to stick around for very long.

2) Don't be salesy

When you start your account, don't immediately try to sell things to customers. If people are following you, that means they're interested in what you have to offer and want to learn more about the products that your business sells. It's natural for them to be curious and want to know more, but if you're constantly trying to "sell" your products in every post, they will quickly get annoyed.

The best kind of posts are the ones that showcase your product or business naturally, whether that's reposting content from other Instagram users or using photos that allow people to see what it looks like when they wear your products.

Also, remember that on Instagram, your followers want to see behind the scenes of what you offer. They may be more interested in learning about how you make your products than actually seeing what it looks like on them.

3) Post at appropriate times

One of the most important things that Instagram users can do is to post at the best time for them. While there's a lot of debate on what the most popular times are, one thing that most users agree on is that you should look at your analytics and see when people are engaging with you most often.

Once you've found the time of day that works best for your brand, start posting during that time every day. The more you post at a specific time, the more your followers will come to expect it and look for it in their feed.

If you want to post outside of the times that work best for you, feel free to do so! You can check out other articles about what the best days and times are to post.

4) Use hashtags that fit your brand

Using the same old, generic hashtags over and over again won't do much for your Instagram account. If you use #fashion but all of your photos are actually about food, nobody is going to look at them because they don't really relate to the content in your posts.

Instead, try using hashtags that are more specific to your brand. For example, if you're a clothing company, use hashtags like #ootd or #fashion. If you own a bakery, hashtags like #food and #baking will be much more effective for your posts!

Remember, you want people to look at your posts, so it's important that they're actually tagged with relevant hashtags. This way, they'll be able to find what you're offering and potentially follow you back.

5) Make your captions engaging

When it comes down to it, one of the most important aspects of Instagram is making your captions both informative and interesting so that people will want to click through to your links.

People are scrolling through their feed pretty quickly, so if your caption is too long or it's just plain boring, they won't engage with you. The best kind of captions are ones that use short and sweet text rather than long paragraphs. They should also be informative and helpful in some way, like giving a little information about what the post is and why they should visit your site.

If you're reposting someone else's photo, the most important part of your caption should be a source tag to where it's from. People will definitely click through if they're interested in what you have to offer!

6) Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to share even more content with your followers, and it's a feature that you should definitely start using if you haven't already.

If you're looking for inspiration, check out what other users are doing with Stories or look at brands similar to yours. What kinds of stories do they post? Do they do contests? These are all great things to do for your own account.

Stories are a great way to share behind the scenes footage of how you make your products or answer questions about them in real time.


That being said, if you're trying to grow an Instagram account for your small business, it's important that you don't let Instagram distract you from doing what's best for your business.

Instagram is a great marketing tool, but it's important that you don't forget to actually run your small business! If you're busy running things in real life and aren't able to post as often as you'd like, consider hiring social media management professionals at Gold Penguin Marketing. We can help you use Instagram and other platforms in a way that works best for your small business. Want to learn more information? Set up a free consultation with Gold Penguin Marketing here!

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