Published December 24, 2021

Marketing your Business on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals to build their business contacts. Many companies are now using LinkedIn's ad platform to promote their products and services. As more people join the site, LinkedIn is becoming an ideal platform for advertising your business.

But before you run out and buy your first set of ads on LinkedIn (or continue running them if you already advertise), there are some things you should know.


To begin, your LinkedIn ad campaign should be well thought out and planned in advance. You need to understand exactly why you're advertising on the site and what you hope to achieve from it. And don't forget that there is a cost involved. LinkedIn ads work through bidding, so you always need to be conscious of how much your campaign is costing you.

Your goals for advertising on LinkedIn will determine what type of ad format works best for your business. You can run an advanced search and target users in particular geographic areas or who meet certain criteria based on their job title, seniority level, industry, company size, etc. You can target these users with an ad or sponsored update on their home page, making your business visible to the right people.

Here are some things you should remember about LinkedIn ads:

Sponsored updates (i.e., ads)

These show up on the LinkedIn news feed every time a viewer sees them. Make sure that your company is sharing information on your page that's relevant, timely and valuable to make the most of this advertising option.

Be creative

Add a creative twist when writing your ads. Think about what you would like to see in an update or ad that relates specifically to your industry or niche.

Target Options

Consider using LinkedIn's targeting options with an ad format rather than just boosting a company update. This will allow you to hone in on your target audience, rather than wasting money by advertising to users who are not interested in your business or products/services.

Branch Out

Don't rely solely on LinkedIn's ad platform for all of your online marketing efforts. The site isn't effective for every type of business, so be sure to try out other social media platforms as well.

Sponsored Updates

If you decide to run ads or sponsored updates, be sure to establish a set budget at the beginning of your campaign and stick with it. Don't spend more than what you can afford, especially if you're not seeing an increase in leads or sales every month.


If you keep these things in mind, you should have no problem running a successful ad campaign on LinkedIn. Just remember that this isn't the only thing you can do to market your business online. Take advantage of all tools available to you, both on and off the site, in order to best promote your company. If you are looking into purchasing LinkedIn ads but don’t know where to start, contact Gold Penguin Marketing today for a free consultation!

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