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WordAI Review: Don't Trust This Company!

WordAI has popped up as a great AI rewriting tool to generate unique, AI undetectable writing in a matter of seconds. Here's our honest review after testing and writing content with WordAI for a few weeks.

August 10th 2023: WordAI has not paid affiliate commissions to us in months, many users on TrustPilot have complained the company has not returned any support emails or refund requests. The product is working but company behind it is extremely suspicious. I would not use this tool at all. It also seems like many of the reviews they have online are all aimed at getting affiliate commissions. These come across as unauthentic and further make me doubt if any of these reviews are even real.

Thanks to the wide range of AI rewriting tools out there, you can create fully-written blogs, essays, or work reports in a matter of seconds. Tools like ChatGPT are INSANE, and if you haven't been using it, you're really missing out.

However, let's face it - most of these tools fall short when it comes to generating content that sounds genuinely human. It brings up the entire discussion of AI detection & AI undetection.

Not only that, depending on what you ask, it can be quite easy to spot when a piece of content has been assisted by AI, it can lack creativity and sound like it's straight out of a textbook. That's exactly where WordAI comes in.

What is WordAI?

WordAI made its grand entrance in 2011 as a cloud-based AI rewriting tool that takes content rewriting to warp speed. With all the AI-buzz over the last year, they've updated their content rewriter & introduced a tool to help make AI text undetectable.

They claim to be 10 times faster than your average content writer while boasting human-written content.

If you want to really learn the intricacies, the company conducted a fascinating case study.

They wrote articles on various topics using popular AI writing tools like Article Forge, ChatGPT,, Jasper AI, and Writesonic. Then they put those articles through their Avoid AI Detection tool and used a human control dataset to fine-tune the writing, and it works pretty well!

The results were pretty impressive, all the articles received a "human-written" score from top AI content detectors such as Hugging Face, OpenAI,, and Writer AI detector. WordAI did make it clear that reaching a perfect 100% score is close to impossible, especially since AI detection isn't anything you can really prove. Even the highest quality human-written content can be falsely flagged as AI-written when it absolutely was not.

WordAI Key Features

The tool works fairly similarly to QuillBot, but has a slightly simpler UI and doesn't give you as many options to paraphrase your text from. If you don't like what you see, you'll just have to edit the result manually.

Complete Sentence Restructuring and Rewriting

The original & main feature of WordAI is the nifty AI tool that tries to understand the meaning behind every sentence in your text. It then completely restructures your entire content, resulting in an output that's not only original and human-like, but also optimized for SEO. This happens in SECONDS.

You can even rewrite a single article up to a whopping 1,000 times!!!

The two main things we'll focus on are the tabs that say Rewrite Articles and Avoid AI Detection. Let's hop into the rewrite tab:

Here you can simply copy & paste an existing article you wrote (or write it directly into the text box) and then hit rewrite. If you have an Article Forge account, you can also import content from there.

So I decided to put WordAI to the test to compare its output with some ChatGPT writing.

Take a look and you'll see that ChatGPT's version is a bit longer, while WordAI keeps things more direct/to the point. The text has a uniqueness score of 93% which I'm not quite sure what that means, but it looks to be good.

You have the option to save your work, copy it to the Clipboard, and export it as HTML, plain text, or Spintax.

Describe The Same Idea Differently

WordAI goes beyond rewrites and offers a clever way to optimize your content.

It takes your same idea/topic and will express it in various ways using synonyms and tweaking other sentence structure. You'll notice the tool automatically rephrase sentences while maintaining the original meaning (something other rewriters/paraphrasers do not do very well).

You have a bit of customization to work with as well. You can choose between conservative, regular, and more adventurous writing styles. Conservative might not give you as much variation, but will be a lot less prone to mistakes (or AI hallucinations)

So this time I tried again but with a longer text sample and across the three standards. You'll see that both the more conservative and regular versions scored an 88% Uniqueness Score, while the more adventurous version reached a score of 95%. You'll also notice the highlighted unchanged phrases, which can be quite handy to separate from.

What's really insane is WordAI allows you to rewrite a single article up to 1,000 times. While it may sound tempting, let's be real: that's not practical.

I'd be pretty impressed if you needed the same thing rewritten 1,000 times, but let's move on from the jokes.

The official WordAI suggestion is to limit the number of rewrites to four. After all, you'll still need to do some editing to ensure everything content sounds human. I've noticed the more complex writing you paste, the higher likelihood of it screwing up the rewrite.

Enhances Text & Improve Clarity and Quality

WordAI also goes beyond simply rewriting articles quickly and rephrasing sentences. It also enhances the content by eliminating unnecessary words, making your writing clearer and easier to understand.

You'll also notice WordAI automatically corrects misspelled words and incorrect grammar. You don't even have to do anything. Once you get rewritten content it'll just fix the mistakes:

They can do this because they utilize advanced machine learning models to understand the content before rewriting it. If you're using WordAI to rewrite articles for the purpose of improving SEO, the inclusion of relevant & contextual keywords are a huge leg up compared to other paraphrasers.

Don't worry about Plagiarism either

Avoid AI Detection

Another very cool feature about WordAI is they offer AI Detection avoidance to rewrite your content into more "human-like" outputs to easily pass as human to AI content detectors.

To put their claim to the test, I took the result generated by the more adventurous version and then inputted that directly into the Avoid AI Detection tool asking it to change more. (It basically rewrites it again).

I ran the output from the Avoid AI Detection tool through three popular AI content detectors: Open AI, Hugging Face, and Writer AI. All three detectors concluded that the content was written by a human:

Likewise, Hugging Face's AI Detection tool determined that my content was 99.97% Real and only 0.0023% Fake. Weird metric, but I get the point 😉

Writer's AI Content Detector also classified the content as 100% human-generated and even praised it as being fantastic. Either these tools don't work or WordAI is just great at getting around them.

Bulk Rewriting

With the Bulk Rewriting feature, you have the option to import your articles using a CSV file. To get started, save your articles in a spreadsheet with two columns. The first column should contain an article title and the second column should contain the entire article. Here's an example format for you to follow:

Once you've prepared your articles, head over to the Bulk Rewrite menu. From there, you can upload the file and simply click the Rewrite button.

Alternatively, you can upload your articles as a .zip file, just ensure that all the articles are in .txt format. Through this feature you also can't rewrite more than 4 times.

WordAI Pricing

WordAI has no free version but offers a 3-day free trial. You do have to enter a credit card to activate the trial, but you can cancel at any time. For the paid version, you have three choices – Starter, Power, and Enterprise. Each plan is available in either a monthly or yearly payment:

Starter Features (Monthly)

  • $17/month
  • Rewrite up to 50,000 words per month
  • AI-powered rewriter
  • One-click rewriting
  • Human quality content
  • Sentence and phrase-level rewriting
  • Pass AI detection
  • Rewrites pass Copyscape
  • Bulk article rewriting
  • Article Forge integration
  • API Access

Power Features (Monthly)

  • $57/month
  • Rewrite up to 3,000,000 words per month
  • AI-powered rewriter
  • One-click rewriting
  • Human quality content
  • Sentence and phrase-level rewriting
  • Pass AI detection
  • Rewrites pass Copyscape
  • Bulk article rewriting
  • Article Forge integration
  • API Access


  • Custom Payment
  • All features in Standard
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Account manager
  • High volume usage
  • Increased throughput
  • Customized rewrites
  • Heightened quality
  • White Labeled Integration
  • Article Forge integration

If you really like WordAI & plan on using it for more than 6 months, I strongly recommend purchasing the year plan. It will only cost you $9/month and $27/month for Starter and Power plans. You can save $8-$30 per month, or 47% just by purchasing yearly. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you shouldn't feel trapped if you don't like the product.

WordAi Pros and Cons



  • Intuitive user interface

  • Very easy to use

  • Very fast, great time saver

  • Accessible on all devices (PC, laptop, and phone)

  • Products good quality  human-written output

  • Highlights unchanged phrases

  • View as HTML

  • Save and export your writing

  • 3-day free trial

  • 30-money back guarantee (less than 10 article rewrites)

  • No free plan

  • No lifetime access

  • No mobile app

  • No autosave feature

  • Can't save rewritten content

  • No AI detection tool 

  • Free trial requires card details

  • Supports 4 languages only – English, French, Spanish, and Italian

  • Can be quite pricey with higher plans

Honest Thoughts

I'll admin, the first thing I noticed is that WordAI is a bit expensive. And although the 3-day free trial is pretty useful, I didn't want to give them my card if I wasn't paying for anything, it felt a little trapping.

I also wish I could directly save results from the avoid AI detection feature, I had to copy my results right back into Google docs (which wansn't a big issue but a bit more of an inconvenience)

Other than that, I was satisfied with the super simple UI & the wonderful results. No matter what content I enter or custom settings I use, WordAI still works very very well.

Just remember that no rewriting tool is flawless! In my experience, while I've only needed to make a few minor adjustments, I wouldn't fully rely on the tool right out of the box. I was super impressed that everything passed all the AI writing detectors & platforms like Copyscape!

So yes, I totally recommend trying WordAI. Give it a shot and see how it can help speed up you writing & optimize your life!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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