How We Can Help Market Your Business

Local SEO Marketing

Your local SEO is composed of Google My Business, Yelp, and other directory listings. Having these profiles and listings accurate and optimized will help you rank higher in your desired geographical area.

As an business owner, you would aim to rank for both geographical keywords as well as service areas. For example, if you are a plumber in the Miami area, you are looking to be ranking for keywords similar to:

"Plumbers in Miami"

"Miami 24 hour plumbers"
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Content Writing

Content Writing Is just another fancy buzz word for blogs. There are a couple of reasons we produce blogs for our clients. The first reason being is to showcase authority and expertise in the subject matter. The second is to provide value to our client's current and future clients. Really though it's for Google to love our client’s websites. If Google loves the website, Google rewards us with traffic.’s our job to have Google love all of our client’s websites.
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Keyword SEO

Sometimes you may want to focus on a few different areas, niches, or services. Obviously you want to see what keywords, or words users are typing in to get to your ideal area of service. So what do we do? We identify the keywords that are most commonly used and become a source of content for those related keywords. The objective here is to rank higher in the search results for those specific keywords and to become a valuable resource of information in the eyes of our desired search engine.
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Social Media Marketing

Who are you? What do you look like? What do you sound like? What do you want your prospects to know about you? What if you were able to build trust with your prospects long before the initial consultation? This can all be accomplished through the use of social media. Out of the entire human population, 56.8% of people are on social media. You have access to convey your firm’s messaging, your personal messaging, your beliefs, anything you believe you’d want your audience to know can be conveyed through these different platforms.
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Online Reviews Campaign

The last time you decided to try out a new restaurant what did you do? Well, if you’re like the rest of us...I know what you did. You checked out the restaurant’s reviews on a few different platforms to see what other people had to say and what their experience was like.

Why wouldn’t your future prospects do the same for your firm? Why wouldn’t they want to see what the experience was like from your previous clients? I’m sure you provide a top notch experience, and I’m sure your clients felt the same way. But more often than not, they will forget or may not even know how to leave a review!

We help clients implement systems that will help educate, encourage, and remind your client base to leave an honest review on the variety of platforms that exist today.
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Email Marketing & Automation

What happens when a prospect fills out your contact form? What happens when they download one of your PDFS, or books that you spent time creating? What is the customer journey like for them once they take some type of action? As you know, people are lazy and need to be walked through step by step of what you would like them to do.

Maybe it’s a simple personal greeting/introduction from you as the firm’s CEO/Founder. Maybe they receive a video message from your secretary letting them know when they will be calling, or when the appointment will be taking place. It’s small things like this that help you standout from your average competition. The key is to always WOW your prospects through the entire process.
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Lead Generation

Let’s talk about the real reason you want to do a bit of marketing. Revenue. The more marketing you do, the more leads you drive, the more revenue that is generated month over month. We help our clients track their monthly intakes, the source of intakes, and how much revenue is generated from all of our marketing efforts. The end goal when working with us is to make more money. That’s it.
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Client & Prospect Nurturing

You had a consultation with someone who could very well be a client. Though they didn’t sign up right away, they maybe even told you they’ll think about it, or maybe the price was a concern for them. As an entrepreneur, we know the sale is made in the follow up. How are you staying on top of these prospects? How often are they hearing from you? Maybe you want to offer them a one time discount to encourage them to hire your firm. This is a system we help all of our clients implement to help stay top of mind on all of their prospects.
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Website Development + Maintenance

Do you know how long of an attention span a new user has when visiting your website? If you guessed 8 seconds, you’d be right! Only about 28 percent of words are read on the average web page. We carefully design and craft our websites to be user-focused and accessible to all. Our design strategy is keen to detail as well as efficiency, benefitting both your potential client, and their devices. We routinely backup our websites and crawl through pages to ensure our content is updated and properly displayed for the web.
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