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we pinpoint keywords that people search for in your industry. these will help your website rank higher, sending more customers your way!
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why keyword research?

Keyword research helps a business analyze the effectiveness of keywords related to its specific location, compared to the larger pool of general search terms. The following is an example of a local keyword: [keyword] [city], [state, region]. In this example, "Seattle web design" would be a local keyword. A business located in Seattle would use this keyword to get noticed by prospective customers searching for "web design" in Seattle.
Why do I need keyword research?

local keyword campaigns

Local keywords are also called location + keyword, targeted keywords, geotargeted keywords, or city-specific keywords. Search engine users perform searches at the local level more than 140 billion times each year. Searches related to location are usually more specific, which means they're often easier for businesses to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs). These types of keywords can be helpful because there aren't as many businesses competing for the top spot as there are with general keywords (e.g., "Seattle web design"). There's no single way to conduct local SEO keyword research, but determining which keywords would be most productive by checking out your competitors is one way to start.

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