midjourney & ADOBE firefly 2 Are both incredible but which fits your style better? Here's 6 prompts comparing them side by side

Both Midjourney and Adobe Firefly 2 can create amazing artwork, but Firefly tends to create more realistic images.

On the other hand, Midjourney tends to stylize its prompts.

Midjourney creates images for individual use. Firefly 2 generates images for the Adobe ecosystem.

No other AI image generator does Van Gogh better than Midjourney.

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And Midjourney also outperforms Adobe Firefly 2 in surrealism.

Firefly 2 does a valiant effort, but even in abstract concepts, Midjourney is simply better.

Midjourney is better at creating live-action film stills, but Firefly 2 can make some amazing animation types.


Architecture is easy work for Midjourney, but Firefly 2 tries its best.


Neither AI image generators can generate accurate text... yet. (Though DALL-E 3 can)

Neither can also accurately generate images from long prompts.

Still, these are two amazing text-to-image generators. Give them both a try or read more about them in our full comparison.