What To Do If You Get Caught Using ChatGPT

CHATGPT advice

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Don't overthink & panic!

Always remember that there are ways to turn this around.

Follow along for what you need to do when you're accused with using ChatGPT.

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Nothing good comes out of panicking.  Pause and collect your thoughts. Take stock of everything that has happened and find out what the evidence is against you.


Stay calm and assess

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Familiarize yourself with the possible punishments and, without a doubt, ask for help from your community.

In cases such as this, you may be tempted to lash out or beg. Don’t do either. Instead...


Respond rationally

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Say sorry and mean it, contextualize your actions, and take full responsibility of what happened.

Don't shy away from asking what you can do to make this right beyond an apology. Outline the steps you'll do to prevent similar incidents in the future.


serve the time

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Be proactive! Most professors are just looking for some effort. Engaged in fighting against unethical AI use, collaborate with your peers in tasks, and share your experience.

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