gold penguin marketing

a full-service web design & digital marketing agency serving clients across the US

our unparalleled service

gold penguin was created by business owners, for business owners. we understand the stress of running a business, yet alone designing & marketing one. we work side by side with you to alleviate that stress! here at gold penguin, we do the background work so you can focus on the spotlight of your business while we work hard to showcase your highlights!

your brand means everything

every business we work with we treat like ours. we put in the work as if we were developing our own business. we'll ask questions like how do your services relate to the consumer? what type of emotion do you want to elicit from them? what is your ideal target market and who do you think your ideal customer is? we'll loop those back and create a story for your brand. our creative experts develop a plan to get your business  out there in ways you never thought possible! what's a business without its voice?


clients served over the last 7 years


total website views over the last year


average traffic increase over 5 months


increase in conversions year over year
  • "These guys were great – Super flexible with the changes we needed & helped us launch and grow our firm over the last few months!! Thanks!"

    Madeline, New York
  • “Justin & Jon built & optimized my drone business website! Special thanks for their SEO + copyrighting services.”

    Jared, Ohio
  • "Worked with Justin and team on a landing page for my site. They were attentive, quick, and completed my project without any hiccups."

    Michael, Florida

let's work together!

step 1
our process
we combine creativity with complexity to deliver the best results to you and your business. we specialize in web development, digital marketing, and social media management
step 2
our skills
our team is trained in all facets of web design and digital marketing, and love the creative process towards all projects and the challenges face. we love what we do and aim to perfect that relationship with each client!
step 3
how we swim
our team gets to know your needs really well. we believe in building the highest quality relationships with our clients to produce the best results.
let's dive in
we offer a 100% free, no obligation consultation to get to know your goals. we'll lay out a plan and let you know our thoughts on how we'll develop and market your brand to the online world!
let's talk
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