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Free AI Detection Tool for GPT-4 & ChatGPT: Check for AI Writing

Gold Penguin's AI Writing Detection Tool

Concerned about AI Writing?
It seems like your submission contained a higher likelihood of being written with AI. Whether this was intentional or not, here's a few tips for making your writing appear more natural:

1) Add more variety and emotion – AI writing relies heavily on patterns, it's really good at following rules. Human writing has a lot more emotion and variance to it. If you want your writing to seem more natural, consider adding your own input and emotion to your writing. Don't just reiterate things without the humanistic aspect of writing.

2) Use Tools like or HideMyAI– If you want to scramble your text ordering & sentences, you should try out either of these tools. They both let you rewrite and transform your writing from ChatGPT by giving you a brand new paragraph with the same meaning

3) Use Paraphrasing tools like QuillBot – If you aren't looking to scramble your words but want to switch up the synonyms and slight word meaning, you could use QuillBot to essentially paraphrase most of your writing, line by line. 

How It Works

Simply copy & paste your writing into the text detector & press "Check for AI." Our detection tool runs your writing through several samples of writing encompassing some of the most popular AI detection tools currently on the market. These includes GPTZero, OpenAI, Writer, & CopyLeaks.
The samples we take are based on thousands of both human and AI-written articles, tested through each of these detectors that determine if something was written with AI. On our end, we assign importance levels to each of these detectors (known as weights) based on the better detection tools.

Our goal was to create a free AI detector that is not just accurate, but also does not falsely flag human-writing. We would much rather flag AI writing as human than the other way around. Students across the world have been harmed by disingenuous AI detection tools aiming to make a quick sale to teachers. Our AI detector will never ask you for a payment and errs on the side of caution when classifying writing as AI.

How Accurate Is This?

After analyzing hundreds of thousands of articles and text, both AI-generated & human written, we developed our very own algorithm with an accuracy rate of text detection up to 95%. We continuously update our models by analyzing more articles to ensure you don't get falsely flagged as using ChatGPT or AI when you haven't. No tool is perfect, nor should one be the single source. AI detection works by analyzing patterns, so nothing you get from any detector is conclusive enough. It's all a calculated estimation.

Will My Writing Be Saved?

No! When you input and check your text with our detector, your writing will not be saved, shared or be available online. We also won't use your text to train our AI detection model.

How to Make AI Writing Undetectable

If you're looking to turn your AI writing into something not detectable by AI detectors, consider using to scramble and rephrase the words of your content. It's free to try & works quite well for most types of writing.