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Add Personalized City/ Location Images in Emails With Clay

Want to make your emails pop with your prospect's city in the opening line? Learn how you can easily do that with Clay in this guide.
Updated August 17, 2023
chatGPT cold email
chatGPT cold email

Writing emails to your prospects requires a personal touch. One of the effective ways is by mentioning their city or location.

But what if you have more than 20 prospects to reach out to? Customizing every email might not be the most efficient use of your time.

With Clay, you can seamlessly add personalized city or location details to your emails with a few clicks. This makes your email personalization process smoother and more efficient.

chatGPT email content output

Let me walk you through the process below. So keep reading!

How to Add Personalized City/ Location in Emails using Clay

1) Import Your Data

Let’s assume that you already have a CSV file containing a list of your prospects’ names and LinkedIn profile. The first thing that we need to do is import this list to Clay.

So, let’s add a new table.

add a new table on Clay

Tap the ‘Import Data’ button at the bottom. Then choose your CSV file.

import CSV file on Clay

This step is optional.  If you want to hide certain columns in your table, just tap 'hidden' and turn on the switch for the columns you want to show. 

hide columns on table

2) Enrich Your List

Time to enrich our list. On your table, click ‘+’ and choose ‘Add Enrichment.’

add enrichment on Clay

We want to fetch details about our prospects through their LinkedIn profiles. So, search and click on the ‘Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile’ option, which should take you to the next window. 

Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile

3) Add LinkedIn Profile and Location

Next, choose a column that has the LinkedIn URLs of our potential contacts. On the LinkedIn Profile drop-down menu, select the column with the LinkedIn URLs. Then, click ‘Continue to Add Fields.’

add LinkedIn column

We want just the location details of the prospect. So, turn on the ‘Location Name’ option. Click save and then run.

add location through LinkedIn

Your output should now look like this:

LinkedIn prospects output

4) Extract Your Prospect’s First Name

So, now you have the LinkedIn profile and location of your prospects, what’s next?

At this point, you might be tempted to start drafting your email. But look again. Our ‘Name’ column contains the full name of our leads. Addressing prospects by their full names can seem impersonal. So, let's take an extra step to get just the first name for a more personalized touch in our emails. 

To do that, let’s add another enrichment and choose chatGPT.

add chatGPT on Clay

To extract the first name, we can enter a prompt like this:

‘Please extract the person’s first name from /Name.’

extract first name on Clay

Then, click run. A new column containing the first names should now be added to your table.

5) Extract the City Name

Notice our ‘Location Name’ column contains both the city and country. But for a more personal feel in our email, we don't need the full address. Let's just use the city name of the prospect.

So, let’s add another enrichment. Again, we’ll be using chatGPT to filter our data. Let’s enter a prompt:

‘Please extract the city name from / Location Name.’

extract city name on Clay

Then, click run. You should now see a new column containing only the city name.

chatGPT output

6) Write Your Email Using ChatGPT

Now that we have the prospect's first name and city, let's craft an impressive cold email.

Again, let’s click ‘Add Enrichment’ and choose chatGPT. 

On the pop-up window, type in detailed instructions for ChatGPT on how you'd like the email crafted. Remember - the more specific, the better. If the first attempt isn't perfect, that's alright. Keep adjusting and trying different instructions until you get the desired result.

sample chatGPT prompt for cold email

In this guide, I’ve used the following prompt (feel free to copy and edit as desired):

“You are an expert persuader. Your job is to start sales conversations with potential customers as a representative of Gold Penguin Company. You speak in a professional tone and manner with the experience of a 20 year veteran in the business field. You always are talking about how we would be able to help the person we are reaching out to and not just talking about the things the company does. Write messages that are under 100 words to potential customers. Every message you write follows the message template and is under 100 words. Your message template: 

First Line: Hey /First Name, noticed you're in /City. [Mention in one sentence what makes you love about their city and you're planning to visit one day] 

Second line: [bridge what you noticed about their company with a question that makes them think thoughtfully about the problem you can solve and if they have that problem] [a case study that tells a story of how you helped another customer like them. Include the story and the quantitative results] [why should they care about whatever your intention is] [show social proof, be specific not vague] [a soft call to action]. End of template.”

chatGPT prompt for cold email

Once you’re satisfied, click save and run.

7) Final Output

You should now see a new column containing the crafted email, as shown.

sample chatGPT output

Here’s a sample of email content written using chatGPT:

“Hey Derek, I've noticed you're in Bloomington - I absolutely love the city's rich culture and vibrant music scene; can't wait to visit one day.

I see your business focuses on eco-friendly solutions. Have you thought about how enhancing online brand visibility could increase your impact? For a similar company in Austin, we grew their online presence by 80%, significantly enhancing their market reach. You too can leverage this opportunity to amplify your company's mission.

Companies like GreenPeace have successfully used our strategies to boost their impact. Why not set up a brief chat to explore this further?”

sample chatGPT response

That’s a Wrap

Alright, you're now set to send emails with that personal touch by including your prospect's city. Time to step up your outreach strategies!

Clay is packed with awesome features, so keep exploring.

Still not convinced about Clay? Check out our detailed review of Clay right here in this article. Give it a read! Learned a lot from this guide? Great! If you've got questions or ideas, we'd love to hear them in the comments below.

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