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Ahrefs Launches 'One-of-A-Kind' SEO Tool Called Web Explorer

Ahrefs recently introduced their new SEO toolkit ‘Web Explorer’ claimed to be a one-of-a-kind tool. This new search engine has advanced search operators that allows users to thoroughly navigate the results.
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
August 14, 2023 3:25 am

Ahrefs recently launched their one-of-a-kind SEO toolkit ‘Web Explorer’, which enables users to search all pages, domains, and links using its easy, yet advanced search operators. 

Using their search engine, users will have access to their database of 500 billion pages. Consequently, they claim that users can see the web like the searching tool sees it, unlike other search engines out there. 

Ahrefs even asserted that Google only shows estimated results and it does not actually know how many results there are until it reaches the last page. “Hence, the estimate might be close or way off,” Ahref said in a release

Furthermore, the ‘Web Explorer’ makes it easy for users to access and quickly find information about pages, backlinks, and outlinks all in one place. The tool gradually becomes a versatile research tool even in link-building related searches.

In a recent tweet from Ahrefs, they have released their brand new tool with a preview video showcasing its versatile features.

The tool emphasized its unique capabilities in search and custom reports, due to its advanced search operators available. Users can just type in a keyword and proceed on adding the following advanced search options under the “+”.

Users can also use the other operators; “AND, OR, NOT, and brackets for nesting. 

According to Ahrefs, here are some examples of Web Explorer’s featured advanced search operators;

  • intitle: find pages with certain words in their titles.
  • indescription: find pages with certain words in their meta descriptions.
  • incontent: find pages with certain words in their content.
  • inurl: find pages with certain words in their URLs.
  • url: limit the results to those from a specific URL.
  • outlinkanchor: find pages with certain words in the anchor text of their outgoing links.
  • backlinkanchor: find pages with links from other websites that have certain words in their anchor text.

More so, there is an option to get some quick ideas on how to use the tools by clicking on the “Examples” tab that will showcase predefined filters containing the most common use cases.

After the users hit search, the results page will show four sections and provide custom search queries. 

A photo from Ahrefs shows the four sections namely, Filters, Number of results, Export feature, and Page report table. The tool also has a “Save report” feature to go back and select the saved reports under the “My reports” tab.

In a recent release from Ahrefs, they showcased some link building-related use cases for Web Explorer – it makes it possible for users to search for pages by anchors and URLs of their backlinks and outlinks.

Here are some examples from Ahrefs, users can find; 

  • Pages that contain certain keywords in the anchor text of their outgoing links.
  • Unlinked brand mentions.
  • Resource pages of a user’s specific niche.

Web Explorer was also stated to have new features in their upcoming releases soon;

  • Adding page traffic numbers and status codes.
  • Report broken links.
  • Identifying blog post authors and filtering.
  • Detecting which technologies are the pages built from (CMS, analytic services, etc.)
  • Extracting mailto: and tel: data associated with a domain.

With Ahrefs’ Web Explorer, the advanced features and customization options are really a game-changer for search engines. Its various search operators give a new experience in searching as it presents data in a brief and organized way. Truly, it is exciting to see more improvements from this SEO toolkit.

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Written by Andy Hoo
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