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21 Best AI-Generated Prompts for Painter Logos

Looking for a logo for your painting brand? You've come to the right place. Here are 21 creative prompts perfect for your business.
Updated January 4, 2024
a painter making himself into a logo, generated with Midjourney
a painter making himself into a logo, generated with Midjourney

When you’re establishing a business, there’s nothing more important in marketing than establishing a brand identity. One crucial aspect of that is having a unique logo for your business.

I will say this: it’s always better to get a logo designed by a person. However, not everyone has that luxury, especially small businesses. So, what can they do?

Use AI image generators.

If you’re a painter or someone who owns an arts supplies store, then this article is for you. In this article, I’ll be listing 21 awesome prompts that are guaranteed to get people’s attention.

Painter-Related Keywords To Keep In Mind

When generating a logo, it’s important to have a subject. This tells your customers what kind of business you’re running and helps establish your brand identity. If you’re a painter, here’s a couple keywords to have in your prompts:

  • Painter.
  • Canvas.
  • Paint and paintbrush.
  • Palette and palette knife.
  • Easel.
  • Painting rag or cloth.
  • Apron or smock.
  • Pencil, charcoal, varnish.
  • Anything related to the name of your brand.
  • Yourself.

You can also use the first letter of your name or the name of your shop but I would advise against using the full name. AI image generators just aren’t equipped to handle text yet.

The Best Prompts For Painter Logos

Before we create some awesome logos, let’s set some ground rules.

The prompts for these logos will contain three elements: the subject, the keywords, and a few (optional) supporting details. Don’t worry — I’ll show each prompt I used for each set of logos. If anything catches your eye, feel free to use the prompt. I also highly suggest that you experiment with the supporting details to get the look you want.

I’ll also be using Midjourney to generate these images, since it’s more popular than DALL-E, Firefly, and Stable Diffusion. That said, you can simply plug these keywords into your AI image generator of choice and I guarantee that the results will look similar.

Got that? Great. Now, let’s get to work. Here are some of my favorite painter-related prompts:

Prompt: a flat vector logo of a [subject], artistic, clean background

Prompt: a simple linear minimalistic logo of a [subject], multi-colored, intricate, light background

Prompt: outline of a [subject], logo, paint, minimal, flat design, in the style of neon, high contrast, dark background

Prompt: a japanese style logo of a [subject]

Chinese Painting

Prompt: a simple logo of a [subject], minimalist, vector, in the style of chinese painting, clean background

Prompt: a minimalist simple logo for an art supplies store, [subject], low-poly

Prompt: geometric logo of [subject], bold contrast, minimal

Prompt: a pictorial logo design of a [subject], minimalism, clean background

Double Exposure

Prompt: a simple minimal logo, double exposure of [subject 1] and [subject 2], animated, minimalism

Vinyl Sticker

Prompt: [subject], vinyl sticker, stickers, vector art, cute, minimalist

Flat Icon

Prompt: a simple logo of [subject], in the style of flat icon, artistic


Prompt: a simple logo of [subject], clear background, patch

Fantasy or Dark Fantasy

Prompt: a minimal logo of a [subject], fantasy, 1980s illustration, vintage

Oil Painting

Prompt: a minimal logo of a [subject], expressive oil painting, strokes


Prompt: a simple minimal logo of a [subject], in the style of ukiyo-e, japanese, minimalism


Prompt: a minimalist app icon, [subject], gradient, clean background


Prompt: a clean logo of [subject], fauvism

Paul Rand

Prompt: a clean logo of [subject], in the style of paul rand

Massimo Vignelli

Prompt: a clean logo of [subject], in the style of massimo vignelli

Saul Bass

Prompt: a clean logo of [subject], in the style of saul bass

A Few Final Tips

There’s one thing that AI image generators lack: nuance. You won’t always get the logo you want in one try, even if you’re as detailed as you can be in your prompt. It’s a long process of trial and error before you get one that you’re okay with.

So, experiment. A lot.

Mix and match the prompt keywords I listed above. Try new ones. Consider the structure of your prompt. And most of all, don’t be afraid to make mistakes — these will only give you better insight into how Midjourney or DALL-E works.

It will take a while and a lot of patience, but you’ll get there. Good luck!

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Written by John Angelo Yap
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