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Alibaba Boosts DingTalk with ChatGPT-Style Features, Igniting China's AI Market Competition

Alibaba Group Holding is integrating ChatGPT-style features powered by its large language model, Tongyi Qianwen, into its enterprise collaboration app, DingTalk. This move intensifies China's AI market competition as tech giants like ByteDance and Baidu also accelerate their efforts in the ChatGPT-like services sector.
Updated April 19, 2023
DingTalk iPhone screen
DingTalk iPhone screen

Alibaba Group Holding is raising the stakes in China's rapidly advancing artificial intelligence market by integrating ChatGPT-style features into DingTalk, the e-commerce giant’s enterprise collaboration app. Powered by Alibaba's large language model, Tongyi Qianwen, these new capabilities aim to enhance workplace communications and increase efficiency.

At the 2023 Spring Summit held on April 18th, DingTalk President Ye Jun unveiled an array of innovative AI features that can be activated simply by typing a slash symbol (/). These capabilities extend from assisting users with content generation for documents and promotional materials to intelligently extracting meeting minutes and key points from video conferences.

According to Ye Jun, these product enhancements are currently undergoing internal testing before being opened up to users. The first batch of access will be granted to paid subscribers of DingTalk Professional Edition and Exclusive Edition.

DingTalk Presentation

Tongyi Qianwen not only helps compose articles but also has the ability to generate marketing plans, create poetry or novels, write emails based on simple user prompts. Furthermore, it can automatically summarize unread group chat messages as well as provide support in generating lightweight applications for ordering food using photos instead of writing code.

With these additions, Alibaba highlights its continuous efforts in developing competitive generative AI tools similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT service launched last November. Generative AI refers to software capable of creating new text, images or videos based on prompts from a user.

Although still at an early stage in their research and implementation process of LLMs – which utilize deep-learning techniques and vast data sets for understanding, summarizing and generating content – Alibaba is keen on leveraging its unique advantages such as cloud computing infrastructure and diverse application scenarios across various sectors like healthcare.

Looking forward beyond DingTalk integration, Tongyi Qianwen is expected to power Tmall Genie, Alibaba's Internet of Things-enabled smart home appliance, further expanding the company's AI capabilities.

Competition in ChatGPT-like services is heating up as Chinese tech giants like ByteDance and Baidu accelerate their efforts in the sector. ByteDance recently launched an updated cloud-based machine-learning platform capable of training LLMs with extremely low latency. Meanwhile, Baidu announced plans to integrate its ChatGPT-like service called Ernie Bot into its internal smart work platform accessible to all employees.

Alibaba's move to enhance DingTalk with ChatGPT-style features marks a significant milestone in China's AI market competition while showcasing the potential for improved workplace efficiency and collaboration through AI integration. Let's see what the future has in store, things are about to get really interesting!

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