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4 Of The Best Drag & Drop WordPress Page Builders Of 2023

WordPress is the most popular website management platform in the world. With it comes the beautiful world of page builders. Each one offers their own unique features and community, but which one is best for you? Here's the best 4 drag and drop page builders to use in 2023.
Updated July 13, 2023
A very small painter designing a painting on a really large canvas. On a ladder very high into the air. As an oil painting
A very small painter designing a painting on a really large canvas. On a ladder very high into the air. As an oil painting

In the past, building a website was a tedious, time-consuming process. Developers would spend weeks, if not months, coding a website from scratch. And throughout this, what if you ran into a bug? Yeah that's another few hours of debugging. So what's different? Well, about a decade later, WordPress page builders dominate the web design and development market. With the help of page builders, creating a website has never been easier. You can now build a professional-looking website in a fraction of the time it used to take, with much less hassle, and without requiring the skills of a professional web developer.

A WordPress page builder is a visual editor that allows you to design and customize your website pages without needing to write any (or sometimes very little) code.

Throughout the years, WordPress has seen a wide range of page builders come and go. In this blog, we'll be exploring four of the best page builders currently on the market that are specifically designed for the drag and drop experience. These tools offer a range of features that cater to both novice and experienced web developers alike.

From drag-and-drop interfaces to advanced design capabilities, these page builders make it easy to create beautiful and responsive pages. With their user-friendly interfaces, you'll be able to customize a website to suit you or your companies' needs. Some of the best page builders also include a variety of pre-designed templates and elements that can be easily integrated into your website, saving you time and energy of not having to look for a bunch of little plugins.

In addition to the design capabilities, these page builders also offer a range of functionalities such as e-commerce integration, SEO optimization, and the ability to directly integrate forms into a site. If you're building a website from scratch you need to build the best website in the smallest amount of time so you can focus efforts elsewhere (building your business)

In this blog, we'll be providing a review four of the best drag and drop WordPress page builders, including their features, pricing, and how they compare to each other. Whether you're a novice or an experienced web developer, these tools will give you the tools you need to create a stunning and professional website with ease. So, let's dive in and see the best options available today.

Why Use a Page Builder?

Page builders are a great tool for building WordPress websites, especially for novice web developers who may not have a lot of experience with coding. One of the best things about page builders is their ease of customization. Some of the best page builders include a variety of pre-designed templates, widgets, and modules. Some page builders also come with built-in technical SEO and social marketing features, which can help you increase starting traffic.

One potential downside of page builders is that they can limit the design capabilities of your website. Depending on the page builder you choose, you may not have as much control over the design elements of your website as you would if you were coding it from scratch. Some page builders are also not as flexible as others, which can make it more difficult to make certain types of customizations to your site.

Regardless of ability, all page builders are a great tool for creating WordPress websites quicker and easier than traditional development! Here's our list of the top WordPress page builders optimized for 2023.

#1 – Breakdance Builder

Breakdance is a premium WordPress page builder plugin. Unlike most builders on the market, Breakdance focuses on speed & optimization in addition to its usability & features.

You could build a site from the ground up or choose from the design library, featuring over a dozen optimized, customizable full-site design kits.

Breakdance has every element block you would expect from any builder, but has everything optimized to a tee. It's the most fastest and most recent page builder on the market.

Best Features: Novelty, speed, potential

Price: $199/year for unlimited sites or $99 for 1 site

Breakdance builder design library sets showing 6 fully-made pages

#2 – Divi

Divi is another premium WordPress page builder. It's extremely easy to use and has tons of beautiful, pre-made themes available to set a WordPress site up quickly.

Divi has tons of blocks letting you customize page layout very extensively. Included in the price, you get the page builder, and Extra & Bloom (other products from Elegant Themes)

You get tons of customizable design capabilities with Divi, considering its pricing model offers a lifetime deal, you can snag an amazing & powerful option for a page builder.

Best Features: Price, designs, support

Price: $89/year (unlimited website packs)

A list of 6 design sets for Divi-built websites.

#3 – Elementor Pro

If you've worked with WordPress before, you've probably heard of Elementor. Working as a longstanding website builder, Elementor Pro is one of the largest communities of page builders currently on the web. Due to its age, there's vast support around Elementor.

Elementor has 1-click set up for cloud website hosting making it a really great beginner friendly option (cloud package not required for solely the page builder)

Best Features: Community, ease of use, affordability

Price: $59/year (single site license)

List of 8 page design sets built for Elementor Pro

#4 – Oxygen Builder

I wanted to include Oxygen on this list even though it's a bit more advanced than the average drag-and-drop builder. The Oxygen Builder is an extremely versatile builder giving you the flexibility to create almost anything you could imagine in a WordPress website. It's actually what this website is built on!

Oxygen is used by WordPress professionals but also WordPress users looking for a bit more customization compared to the other builders. The company behind Oxygen offers a lifetime deal, which is very unique to them. Most other builders charging per year or per site.

The builder also includes complex design sets & has a large community pool of resources around the builder.

Best Features: Power, pricing, customization

Price: $129/forever (unlimited site license)

List of 12 Oxygen Builder page design sest

Final Thoughts

Every page builder is powerful in their own way. There are tons of builders both on and off this list that would help create beautiful WordPress websites. At the end of the day it really depends on what you're looking for. Not every builder will offer every feature you want out of the box, that's why plugins are a thing! Depending on pricing, speed, and design options will probably guide your way into picking the builder that will create your million-dollar blog or showcase your amazing services (or both, honestly).

Each of these builders offer extensive drag-and-drop capabilities that anyone even with no development, code, or WordPress knowledge can set up and configure. We hope you find which builder suites your long-term goals! Happy designing!

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