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The Best Way Recruiters Should Find New Clients in 2024

If you're looking for a unique way to consistently acquire clients on behalf of your recruiting agency, these are the strategies you have to follow to stand out:
Updated February 26, 2024
a recruiter in an office typing on her computer, as 4k digital art
a recruiter in an office typing on her computer, as 4k digital art

As a recruiter, you're given generic advice on how to find clients.

The typical networking events, emails, or worse:

You’re told to simply just post on social media and that clients will come through the door.

That's wrong^

It’s 2023, you need tactical strategies that you can execute on thus allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

In this guide, you’re going to need to create a few accounts and do things technically you may have not done before.

That’s okay though, this is how you will create those new connections and find new clients consistently. 

Let’s dive in!

ABM (Account Based Marketing)

As a recruiter you might be given a list, or perhaps already have a list of your absolute dream clients. This could be a list of 5, 50, or even 500 companies that you’d love to connect with and find talent for them. 

The problem is that you may not have enough data on that list to contact decision makers. So you need to come up with a way to “enrich” that data and find those contacts.

Ideally your list has the prospect’s full name, email address, city, name of company and number of employees at the company.

With this data you’d be able to create personalized emails to really grab their attention. 

We actually wrote a step by step guide on enriching prospect data when having little to no information on somebody. It's totally possible to do.

Scraping LinkedIn Jobs

When looking to scrape LinkedIn jobs, I’m assuming you’re starting from a clean slate. You have no dream clients yet and are just starting to build out your prospecting lists. As you know, the LinkedIn job board is one of the top job boards on the globe so if you want clients, this is the place to look. 

A LinkedIn Job post contains the information you need to build your lists. In the image below I show that we’ll need the company name and the role the company is looking to hire for. 

Remember you’re going to want to find a specific LinkedIn job page based on your customer persona. Looking for companies that are hiring software engineers?

Tailor your LinkedIn job page to that criteria. What we want out of this is to find and scrape companies automatically and then to enrich via Clay

In this guide I walk you through step by step on how to scrape LinkedIn Jobs and put together a list of prospects and decision makers. 

Scraping Indeed Job Postings

If you found the guide on how to scrape LinkedIn jobs too technical then scraping Indeed will be perfect for you.  It's easier to use & can still give you pretty great data.

In the image below I point out the elements of which we’re going to be scraping:

You can get really creative & detailed with this stuff, but it takes some work.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to recruiters finding clients in 2023, you have to think outside the box.

What would make you unique compared to other recruiting agencies?

If you try to do what everyone else is doing you'll find yourself in quite a saturated market.

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Written by Jonathan Garces
Jonathan is a digital marketing expert. After sending hundreds of thousands of emails, Jonathan cracked the code on what gets somebody to reply – authenticity & transparency. Jonathan writes about his emailing experiences and has quickly became the go-to guy for learning about how to connect with your target audience.
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