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Breakdance Builder Free vs Pro – Worth The Upgrade?

Breakdance is an incredible WordPress page builder that offers both a free and pro plan. Upgrading makes sense for some people, but the free plan gives anyone a chance to test out the tool & see if its right for you. Here's a comparison of the free and pro versions of Breakdance Builder:
Updated June 27, 2023
two robots, one is taller than the other, standing side by side in a boxing arena, digital art 4k
two robots, one is taller than the other, standing side by side in a boxing arena, digital art 4k

Breakdance has started to dominate the world of WordPress page builders since its release last June. The promising tool boasts a bloat-free design, wide range of templates, and extreme customization with such ease.

I've been using the professional version of Breakdance since the day it became available for purchase and wouldn't look back, but completely get why someone would want to test it out before flipping the switch.

Sometime within the last few months, the team released a free version of the plugin, offering a generous amount of features for testing. If you're debating whether or not it's worth purchasing Breakdance, check out the free version & make your choice from there. No risk at all.

We've put the features together to show you the differences between both plans.

Breakdance Builder Free vs Pro

The most obvious change between these plans is that the free Breakdance Builder is uhhhhh... free! The Pro version requires an annual payment of $149 (with plans to raise to $349 sometime in the future).


An appealing feature of both the free and paid versions of Breakdance Builder is that you can upload them to unlimited websites. Both the free and pro version of the plugin let you use the builder on as many WordPress websites as you'd like. There is no license limit.

Both versions of the builder include some aspects of Dynamic Data, Elements, Element Conditions, Template Conditions, and compatibility with WooCommerce. Essentially, the free version is a fully-functional WordPress website builder, with or without some of the more advanced features that let you fully structure and build out an entire site.


The predominant difference between the free & pro version lies in the depth of their features. The free version is a basic offering, providing a limited array of functionalities, while Breakdance Pro presents an extensive suite of sophisticated features that distinguish it as a superior website builder. If you want to check out a full list of their features, we wrote an entire review on Breakdance.

More Elements

With Breakdance Builder Pro, you will immediately notice an expanded collection of elements compared to the free version. The Pro version also introduces conditional settings for elements/templates and more dynamic data capabilities.

Most significantly, the WooCommerce integration in Breakdance Builder Pro is way more flexible and includes access to every single block to build, launch, and market a WooCommerce store.

Premium Support

Breakdance Pro provides premium support. This means that directly getting assistance from the Breakdance team members fairly quickly. While premium support may not be a major feature, it has significant benefits for certain users especially if you're not experienced with website development.

You can still join the Facebook community if you are using the free plan (which has tons of questions with community feedback). You might even notice you'll get a faster response honestly. Just depends on the day.

Breakdance Builder Free Features

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited client sites
  • 80 elements
  • Limited dynamic data fields
  • WooCommerce (Limited Elements/Conditions)
  • Templates (Limited Conditions)

Breakdance Builder Pro Features

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited client sites
  • 120+ Elements
  • 40+ Advanced dynamic data fields
  • Client Mode/User Role Manager
  • CSS Class and Selector Manager
  • Advanced Form Builder
  • Popup Triggers
  • Unlimited access to Design Library
  • More WooCommerce Elements/Conditions

You can also check out the full comparison on their official website.

Breakdance Builder Pro Pricing

Breakdance Builder Pro offers a single pricing plan at $149/year. Typically, this plan would cost $349/year, providing a substantial annual savings of $200. I'm not quite sure when (or if) the price will be raising. But the team has made it clear that this is introductory pricing so it could go up any day now.

The team also promises a 60 day money-back-guarantee with no questions asked. You can buy Breakdance with both PayPal and credit cards, and you can cancel your subscription at any time with 0 obligation. Cancelling your yearly subscription still lets you use Breakdance, but you can't update the plugin or get any premium support.

Is it Worth Using the Free Version of Breakdance Builder?

Absolutely! The free version of Breakdance is worth trying as it already provides a comprehensive WordPress site-building solution. If you're trying to use Breakdance on a production-level site, you'll probably end up upgrading anyways (I'm that confident you'll like it).

The free version is totally well-suited for basic blogging and e-commerce, or just building an informational site.

Is Breakdance Builder Pro Better Than The Free Version?

Without a doubt! Breakdance Pro surpasses the free version just based on the extra elements you get. This alone is worth the cost upgrade. You're paying to get updated elements, themes, and support throughout an entire year. If your really break it down, you're paying $12 a month to use Breakdance. That's 1-2 orders of coffee per month!

The annual payment of $149 is undeniably a wise investment, especially considering the potential for a price increase a some random time in the future. Breakdance also isn't going anywhere. This is only the start of whats to come of one of the most powerful WordPress page builders ever seen.

Breakdance Sandbox Demo

If you don't want to go through the hassle of installing a free plan and upgrading later, you could install the demo of breakdance and test it on a hosted sandbox site for an hour. This creates a WordPress site that you can edit instantly & mess around with the newest features. It's a hidden gem to test out the builder for a bit before making the purchase.

Just don't build anything important on a sandbox site, as they get deleted every hour.

Final Thoughts

You gotta try Breakdance. Even if you don't upgrade right away, test out the free version. If you're on the edge between switching to a new page builder (or even building your first WordPress website) you cannot go wrong with Breakdance. The community and longevity around the product and second to none and will become known as a website creation powerhouse over the next few years!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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