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WordPress Page Builder Cwicly Announces Unexpected Closure & Deprecation

Cwicly just announced they are closing down by end of 2024 due to negative commentary, personal attacks eroding team morale, and an overall hostile ecosystem
Updated March 3, 2024

Cwicly, a WordPress plugin company focused on page building with Gutenberg, has announced it will be closing down operations by the end of 2024.

In a recent post, Cwicly founder Louis Bourque cited numerous factors influencing the decision to cease development on their plugin. These included relentless negative commentary regarding their choice to build with Gutenberg instead of proprietary page-building solutions.

Bourque also mentioned personally directed attacks that team members endured throughout Cwicly's tenure, which ultimately eroded morale and enthusiasm. The hostile climate made it challenging for them to sustain operations.

Cwicly had sought to innovate WP page-building functionality while aligning with WordPress' vision for Gutenberg as a unifying experience. However, backlash in the community regarding this stance took its toll over time.

This news comes on the heels of recent controversies around other leading WordPress page builders, including security flaws recently discovered in Bricks Builder.

Nonetheless, Cwicly became unsustainable in the current ecosystem. Their closure announcement stated they will be refunding all orders made after January 1, 2024 as they wind down operations by next year. It marks the end of an ambitious effort to push page building in a different direction.

Hoping things work out well for the team

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Written by Justin Gluska
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