OpenAI Launches DALL-E 2 Artist Financial Assistance Program

Published by Justin on August 8, 2022
Last Updated: August 20, 2022 | Reading Time: 3 minutes,

OpenAI has started adding 350 credits to accounts accepted in the program. 350 credits will be added to artist accounts each Monday for the next 10 weeks!

OpenAI recently launched the official beta of their new AI-powered image creation tool, DALL-E 2. This tool uses a neural network trained on a dataset of 12 billion images to generate unique images based on textual input. DALL-E is poised to change the way artists create artwork, but at what cost?

With pricing starting at 17 cents per prompt (providing 4 images each time), many users have already expressed concern about the financial accessibility of the tool.

In response to these concerns, OpenAI has announced the launch of the DALL-E Artist Financial Assistance Program. This program will provide financial assistance to artists who wish to frequently use DALL-E, but cannot afford the cost. Artists can apply for assistance by filling out a short application created by OpenAI. If you are an artist who is interested in using DALL-E 2 but cannot afford the cost, we encourage you to apply for the financial assistance program. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a revolutionary new tool and create some incredible artwork.

How does the DALL-E Artist Assistance Program Work?

The DALL-E Artist Assistance Program is a new initiative that provides artists with highly subsidized access to the DALL-E tool. This program is designed to help artists create unique, high-quality images for their projects.

How To Get Free DALL-E 2 Credits

To receive free DALL-E 2 credit, you must apply for the financial assistance program, artists must submit a portfolio of their work, as well as a written statement explaining how they would use DALL-E to create new artwork. Selected artists will be given access to credits for four months. Please note that you must have access to the current beta to apply for the program.

How Many Credits Does the DALL-E Artist Assistance Program Include?

OpenAI will provide each accepted artist with 350 credits per week for 10 weeks beginning on August 15. The final grant of credits will happen on Oct. 24. Artists have until November 7, 2022, to use any remaining credit balance, at which time all unused credits will go to another artist in the program. 

Redistribution of DALL-E Credits

After November 7, any unused credits will go to another artist in need of support through the assistance program. Artists will get a total of 3500 DALL-E 2 credits for free through the program but must use them within 2 weeks of the last distribution. So if you don't use all your credits, they'll be put to good use allowing someone else to create!


With the recent beta launch of DALL-E 2, the AI-powered image creation tool, artists can create unique and beautiful artwork using a neural network trained on a dataset of 12 billion images. With the release of the official beta comes the DALL-E Artist Assistance Program, providing artists with highly subsidized access to the tool. If you鈥檙e an artist interested in using DALL-E 2 to create new artwork, make sure to apply for the artist assistance program. We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity and learn how to master one of the coolest new tools in the art world.

Written by Justin
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