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How To Find Emails on LinkedIn Using

Need to enrich your leads from LinkedIn? Here's how you can use's enrichment tool to help capture emails from LinkedIn at scale.
Updated August 11, 2023
Edited By Justin Gluska

As marketers, salespeople, or individuals who need to find an email address from a LinkedIn profile, you need to follow this guide.

LinkedIn, as a platform, does not publicly display email addresses. So we have to use Clay to scrape, enrich, and verify the email addresses. Let’s dive in!

Clay is the data enrichment software we’re going to use to make our lives 10x easier. If you want to learn how it works, check out our entire review.

1) Create a Table in Clay

Create a table by clicking "new table"

2) Name Your Columns 

This is most likely going to be used for cold emailing or cold calling, so we’re going to need a few variables: the LinkedIn profile, full name, first name, last name, and the company name.

But remember, we’re going to pull that from one enrichment, so right now we’ll just need one column. 

This is what your table should look like. 

3) Enrich Your LinkedIn Profile

Create a new column.

Search for the “Enrich Person From LinkedIn Profile”.

Now you’re going to select the column you want to enrich. 

This is what it should look like. 

You’re going to click “Continue to Add Fields” and then you will see data that we’ll be able to map through. 

We’re going to toggle “Name”, “Company” and “Is Current”. This is what your table should look like. 

Now let’s start the enrichment. Under the LinkedIn profile, click “Run”. 

4) Email Address from LinkedIn Data

Let’s look at what we were able to pull from our enrichment. 

We now have their full name, the name of the company, and a checkmark to make sure that this is their current company. 

But we have a problem…

In order to find someone’s email address we need the exact URL of the company they work for. Good news though, Clay has an integration with Clearbit which allows you to pass in a company name and it returns the url of the company. 

Let’s create another column and look for the clearbit integration. 

Select the “Get Domain From Company Name” and you’re going to pass in the column “Company - Experience”. 

This is what your table should look like. 

Let’s run the enrichment. 

And now we have the exact URL. 

Now we’re ready to find their email address. 

Go ahead and create a new column. When you go to create a new one, you should see two options. Data Points and Enrichments. 

You’re going to select Data Points and select “Work Email”.

You should now see inputs and you’re going to choose the columns to reference. Below is what your inputs should look like. 

Go ahead and run the enrichment. 

What we just did is considered a waterfall integration. We connect a few different platforms that are able to find and verify an email address. If one platform doesn’t find it, then another one will. 

But in this case, it looks like we found a valid email address with the first application.


With Clay, you’re able to go from only having a list of LinkedIn profiles to a fully enriched list of prospects that contains their names, companies, and even verified email addresses. 

By being able to combine over 80+ platforms into one platform you’re able to attack problems with a variety of different solutions. 

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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Written by Jonathan Garces
Jonathan is a digital marketing expert. After sending hundreds of thousands of emails, Jonathan cracked the code on what gets somebody to reply – authenticity & transparency. Jonathan writes about his emailing experiences and has quickly became the go-to guy for learning about how to connect with your target audience.
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