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How to Get the Most Out of Copyleaks: A Complete Guide

With claims of near-perfect accuracy in AI and plagiarism detection, it’s no wonder Copyleaks is one of the most popular in its segment. But, how does one actually get the most out of it?
Updated May 15, 2024
The AI Police, generated with Midjourney
The AI Police, generated with Midjourney

Before ChatGPT, every teacher had one worry in their mind: plagiarism. The fact that generative AI models became popular just exacerbated the issue, with some students going out of their way to cheat using LLMs.

With false positives affecting innocent students, the need for an effective AI detector is becoming more and more of a priority. So, what if I told you that there’s one platform out there that doesn’t just stop at preventing irresponsible AI use, but also plagiarism and other forms of content dishonesty online?

Today, let me introduce you to that platform. We’re going to discuss Copyleaks, particularly its target audience, pricing, and features so you could get the most of what you pay for it. Stay tuned!

What is Copyleaks?

Copyleaks isn't your average analysis tool. This AI and plagiarism checker goes beyond what most offers with advanced algorithms to dissect text, code, and even images. Imagine it as your own private detective for content authenticity.

But Copyleaks' origin story is just as intriguing as its features. Back in 2015, two ex-military men, Alon Yamin and Yehonatan Bitton, brought Copyleaks to life. Their time in service revolved heavily around text analysis tech, which is actually where they met and hatched the plan for this award-winning platform.

Who Is It For?

Copyleaks is primarily for educators who are looking to maintain student integrity during this AI boom. It’s packed with features (which we’ll get to in a minute) like plagiarism detection, graders, and AI-powered code grammar checkers. It’s also integrated with popular LMS like Canvas and Blackboard, which makes it perfect for classroom settings.

For bloggers and business owners, it’s also great for protecting yourself and your content against false positives using a feature called “Gen AI Governance.” 

What Can You Do With Copyleaks?

Copyleaks is full of features to “empower originality and inspire authenticity,” as their motto suggests. Here’s a rundown of their most valuable offerings:

AI Detection

This is Copyleaks’ bread and butter. No matter if it came from ChatGPT, Gemini, or Claude — Copyleaks claims that they can determine if a piece of text came from AI. What’s more is that an independent study suggests Copyleaks is 99% accurate in its analysis, but is that true?

To answer my own question, the best I can do is that I’m inclined to believe it. We recently conducted a test of the most popular AI detection tools and found that Copyleaks is the third-most accurate in true positive tests with 75% and the second-most accurate in false positive tests with 80%. 

The dataset we used wasn’t just filled with text directly from LLMs, we also used modified text from AI detection bypassers (Undetectable AI) to make it harder for the detectors. The fact that Copyleaks is, at least, 75% accurate speaks volumes to its effectiveness. My only issue with it is that they removed the AI likelihood scores from its free version.

Plagiarism Detector

Need to ensure something is entirely original? Copyleaks can also scan text and documents to uncover similarities from existing text and figure out if a piece of text is plagiarized. Within seconds, you can receive a detailed report highlighting the percentage of unique content and pinpointing any sections that mirror existing sources.


Copyleaks can also identify plagiarized code blocks using their feature called Codeleaks. This feature can generate a full report based on an inputted code, along with highlighted portions of copied code and where it’s from. Codeleaks can even identify paraphrased codes, which is something I rarely see.

Writing Assistant

Step aside, QuillBot. Copyleaks also offers a writing assistant that doubles as a grammar checker and a paraphraser. This allows you to focus on writing without worrying too much with the mechanics. It even comes with multi-lingual support, ensuring that your writing remains perfect regardless of language.

Generative AI Governance

Copyleaks goes beyond simply identifying AI-generated content and plagiarism. Committed to comprehensive online authenticity, they offer Gen AI Governance – a powerful toolkit empowering businesses to manage and oversee the responsible use of generative AI in their content creation process.

This feature is divided into two parts: auditing and monitoring. The former checks your content if it’s vulnerable to AI detection while the latter monitors and limits AI-generated content in realtime.

AI Grader

Teachers everywhere can also use Copyleaks' AI-powered grading assistant for efficient assessment, which means pencils down for educators everywhere. This AI-driven tool makes the grading process easier by analyzing past evaluations to learn scoring patterns. It then mimics these patterns to assess large volumes of assignments and tests in bulk automatically. 

While this might raise concerns, Copyleaks prioritizes accuracy. Their success can be seen in a collaborative project, which reported a remarkable 1% margin of error compared to human graders.


Copyleaks offers a free tier for basic AI detection which doesn’t come with AI likelihood scores (anymore) and limits your input to a select amount of tokens per checking.

For more advanced AI detection and plagiarism features, premium plans are available. These plans are priced based on the number of pages scanned monthly, starting at a budget-friendly option of $16.99 (up to 100 monthly scanned pages) for lower volume users to $908.99 for 10,000 pages.

To use Copyleaks' Generative AI Governance and AI Grader tools, you must contact them directly for a personalized quote.

The Bottom Line

There’s no question that Copyleaks is most known for their AI detection software, but it’s honestly one of the most well-rounded platforms against dishonesty powered by technology. It’s definitely a tool worth investing in if you’re an educator or a business owner, and there’s one reason for this that stands out more than others.

The fact that it packs so many features is one thing, but its accuracy is another. I’m yet to see a platform that is so good at everything they offer, so Copyleaks is definitely a gem in the rough.

If you want to learn more about Copyleaks, please visit our official review. Good luck!

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