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44+ Interior Design Phone Wallpapers Made with Midjourney

Midjourney can transform anything—including interior designs—into a lovely collection of wallpapers for your phone. Immerse yourself in these gorgeous home decor-inspired pictures that are made with Midjourney
Updated April 9, 2024
aesthetic house interior design, made with Midjourney
aesthetic house interior design, made with Midjourney

Like a person styling and decorating the inside of a house, Midjourney can beautify your phone’s home and lock screen with flair. In this article, I’ve curated over 44 interior design-inspired phone wallpapers with Midjourney. These will surely give your phone’s internal looks a cozy and refreshing vibe..

The Best Interior Design-Themed Phone Wallpapers

In the following galleries, you’ll discover the power of Midjourney through its creations—from the house hall down to the master bedroom. Whether you want it chic, minimal, colorful, modern, eclectic, boho, rustic, or grand, you’ll find them all here. And since it’s trendy for phones to get taller over time, we’re going for a 9:20 display aspect ratio to best fit these wallpapers.

Now, are you ready to step inside and give your phone wallpaper a makeover? Take a tour and start saving the wallpaper (or wallpapers) you want!

House Hall

The hall is usually the first place inside a house that we see and step into when we enter the main door. If these magnificent images of house halls do not wow you, I don’t know what will.

Living Room

These living room wallpapers radiate with either vibrant colors or neutral aesthetics. So, whichever palette or energy you vibe to when it comes to living room decor, we have them both here.


Some people treat the kitchen as the heart of their home. If you love cooking, baking, or just being where the magic happens, you’ll appreciate these phone wallpapers even more.

Dining Room

Feel free to feast your eyes on these inviting images of the dining room, almost as if you’re eating comfortably at your friend’s house. These neat and homey communal areas will not only look good as your phone’s wallpaper, but evoke a sense of warmth at fond memories shared in between bites of food.


If you ever think a phone wallpaper featuring a bathroom can’t be that flattering, check these out. Midjourney has just made these elements look evocative and relaxing, so definitely give them a try.


This is one of the few places in a house that’s usually overlooked or least visited (at least by most adults). Through the lens of Midjourney, see how this underrated room can transform into a wonderfully, safe haven for all to bask in.

Kid’s Bedroom

Give your phone’s home screen a playful atmosphere with these wallpapers, centering on the rambunctious nature of a kid’s bedroom. Whether you’re team pastel or neon, both are just as aesthetically pleasing as the other.

Master Bedroom

Finally, the main room of the hour. Add a warm and serene ambience to your phone’s home screen with these elegant and classic selection of master bedroom wallpapers.

How’s the House Tour (Wallpaper Edition)?

Did you enjoy scrolling through this article, or should I say, strolling through these home interiors created by Midjourney? I know I did. So if you like what you find here for your phone’s screen display, make sure to save them!

Just so you know, we have more phone wallpaper articles coming in the future, so stay tuned! While you wait, though, don’t hesitate to look into our previous related articles like this one, which promotes the dynamic beauty of South Florida. Have fun!

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