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Lex.AI Raises $2.75 Million Seed Round Aiming to Eliminate Writers Block

Lex just announced a seed round of almost $3 million. They pride themselves on being user-focused, product-driven, and privacy aware. Here's the rundown
August 23, 2023 2:41 pm

Lex, AI-powered writing tool that looks works quite similar to Google docs, has successfully raised $2.75 million in its seed funding round. Leading the investment was venture capital firm True Ventures.

Born out of the media and technology-focused company, Every, Lex represents the next chapter in modern writing tools.

While traditional writing platforms remain popular, few have harnessed the potential of artificial intelligence like Lex. Nathan Baschez, the brain behind Lex and CEO, envisions AI not as a replacement but as an invaluable enhancement to the writer’s toolkit. They're not trying to replace ChatGPT either.

Baschez’s unique approach has been to craft a tool that offers the simplicity and effectiveness that writers crave. The integration of AI becomes apparent when users pause or find themselves at a creative roadblock.

By triggering Lex's AI feature, powered by the impressive capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT-3, users are provided with relevant suggestions and text completions to boost their creativity and keep the writing flowing.

Lex isn't just known for its AI features. Unlike other writing tools that still cling to old-school, paper-based designs, Lex fully embraces modern digital trends. Pages don't really exist... you just write.

Regarding user data and privacy – a critical consideration in today’s tech ecosystem – Lex has made it clear that they will not use any user-generated content for AI training, quite different from other tools. Should the company look to fine-tune its AI models down the line, Baschez commits to full transparency and a user-first approach.

Lex's initial reception has been nothing short of stellar. Within a mere 24 hours of its soft launch, 25,000 users had registered, signaling a clear market appetite for innovative writing tools. However, this immense interest also came with its set of challenges.

Shortly after announcing the new updates and fundraise, Lex's CEO sent out an email update: "The good news: tens of thousands of you visited the site all at once when I sent that last email announcing the fundraise and new features! The bad news: the site crashed! lol 😅"

To mitigate future outages, Lex has decided to upgrade their database. "Tonight, I'm going to have to take the site offline for maintenance. The upgrade should take a few hours at most, and I plan on starting it at 8pm pacific time," the CEO added.

He further expressed his apologies for any inconvenience and appreciated the patience and understanding of the user base, emphasizing Lex's commitment to smooth user experience.

With a significant injection of capital, a clear vision, and a responsive approach to user feedback and technical challenges, Lex seems to be on track to redefine how writers interact with digital writing tools. Is this a nudge to the status quo? Only time will tell

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Written by Justin Gluska
Justin is the founder of Gold Penguin, a business technology blog that helps people start, grow, and scale their business using AI. The world is changing and he believes it's best to make use of the new technology that is starting to change the world. If it can help you make more money or save you time, he'll write about it!
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