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54 Incredibly Stunning Pixel Art Phone Wallpapers Made by Midjourney

Are you in search of the best pixel art wallpaper for your phone? Look no further! I spent quite a while creating some of the best ones here with Midjourney.
Updated April 1, 2024
sunset, made with Midjourney
sunset, made with Midjourney

HD wallpapers are fine, but they’re often filled with generic images that are becoming too common and overrated. So let’s get a little creative with it and use Midjourney

Contrary to the overall technical qualities of high-res images, pixel art shows more visible pixels as its main feature. They’re a more familiar sight in retro games. But what’s so great about that? It gives a nostalgic effect. Even if you’re not doing it for that reason, they still make for some pretty cool pictures!

Unlike standard, cold HD wallpapers, pixel art can achieve a vintage yet playful feel. So if you want your phone’s background to have a stronger visual impact, this article is for you.

The Best Pixel Art Phone Wallpapers

Since taller smartphones—both Androids and iPhones—are becoming more common, I use a display aspect ratio of 9:20 for all these Midjourney-generated images. This ensures you won’t be missing much if your phone has a shorter screen. All you have to do is crop out a few centimeters from the top or bottom portion of the whole image.

Here’s a compilation of pixel art phone wallpapers capturing and highlighting the marvels of nature and urban landscape—all made by Midjourney:


A breathtaking view of the night sky, majestic sunset, and pastel clouds. If you’re an astrophile, selenophile, or heliophile, you’ll surely love these selection of phone wallpapers in this gallery.

Mountains and Trees

Waking up to a countryside view right outside your bedroom window is probably one of the best feelings ever. Imagine sipping coffee while admiring the beauty of a mountain in the morning light. With this selection of pixel art wallpapers, you can have glimpses of  a tranquil mountain view and pure wilderness anytime through your phone. Did I mention they are also illustrated perfectly in different seasons?

Lakes and Beaches

Whether it’s the serenity of the sea or the crashing of its waves, there’s always something soothing in watching the graces of ocean water. The stillness of the lake, though enigmatic, gives a sense of safety in its space. Even if you’re far from lakes or beaches, the sight of these beautiful bodies of water is within your reach. Simply display them as your wallpapers on your phone’s home screen.

Urban Streets

Now, if you want to get livelier, you can snag these wallpapers. Explore the climatic views of the urban world in pixels—from bustling roads to cyberpunk-esque alleys and more, through the lens of Midjourney. They’re perfect if you want something with ann intense burst of colors.


Skyscrapers towering over other buildings, skylines, city lights are the focal point of this pixel art wallpaper collection. Through these wallpapers, you can marvel at the sight of being at the top of the world—in pixels—just by looking down at your phone. Bonus: There’s also 2 digital photos with the Eiffel Tower included here, specifically for those enamored with the city of love.

Interior Aesthetics

Now let’s take a step back indoors. These wonderful depictions of a homey setting by Midjourney invokes warmth and relaxation to your phone’s home screen. Tour the cozy corners of these modern, chic, boho, rustic, and eclectic interiors built with pixels.

Have You Enjoyed Seeing The World in Pixels?

I hope you enjoyed feasting your eyes on these pixel art wallpapers made with Midjourney. If you’re torn between two or more options from this article, fret not! Save as many as you want and switch to slideshow mode so you can enjoy all your favorites at once.

If you’re looking for a desktop wallpaper, we also have an article for that! Check out our landscape wallpapers also created with Midjourney. Have fun!

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