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Generative AI that Crafts Personalized Books?! – Released has been revealed as a 'transformative innovation' in literature that is able to create personalized books with the power of generative AI.
August 4, 2023 2:59 pm has been recently introduced as an AI-powered book service that has the ability to personalize books according to their users’ liking and preferences.

Readers are given the opportunity to personalize their own books using behind a simple and user-friendly interface that they can navigate with ease. 

The generative-AI service from this platform allows readers to choose their own custom-made e-books and audiobooks that are meticulously tailored to fit and satisfy their needs. 

Consequently, was stated to provide two types of customizing options, namely, content-based and preference-based personalization.

To elaborate on both options; the content-based personalization enables the readers to choose specific topics that the book will solely discuss about. It can basically create a book filled with contents that the reader likes to see.

In addition to this, the preference-based personalization takes into account a reader’s learning preferences, this includes their lifestyle, dietary restrictions, and interests – to create an ideal book for the reader.

According to Dr. Bo Bennet, the founder of and, this innovation is “a “significant leap forward” in the way that people absorb literature.

“I believe this marks the most groundbreaking development in publishing since books first made their digital debut in the late 90s,” Dr. Bo Bennet added.

On its upcoming launch, was stated to offer a comprehensive range of categories for the readers to choose from along with making these personalized books available in multiple formats – for eBooks (PDF, EPUB, and .mobi)  and audiobooks (m4b audiobook files and .mp3 files).

Moreover, each book will take about an hour to create and the length of each one varies on the topic and the amount of details a reader wants, according to the release.

Surprisingly, the future of crafting and books have just arrived and it came with the integration of AI technology. Every reader will now be able to read a book that is custom-made for them. However, there are still underlying consequences that come with this transformative innovation. We have yet to know the limitations of this platform.

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Written by Andy Hoo
Andy is an investigative tech journalist at Gold Penguin. Besides being a journalist with the heart and mind for truth and credibility, he is also a passionate content creator who loves making informative and recreational videos. He writes all types of news in the technology & AI industry.
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