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Send Breakdance Builder Forms to ConvertKit

Boost your email marketing efforts by creating a bridge between your Breakdance Builder forms and ConvertKit. This easy-to-follow guide will teach you how.
Updated August 12, 2023

Want to boost your email marketing efforts? Why not create a bridge between your Breakdance forms and ConvertKit?

Everytime a user fills in a form on your site, their info is directly sent straight to ConvertKit, streamlining the whole process. One of the major benefits of doing this is to instantly capture leads from your site.

Another use case is when you want to auto-enroll your visitors into specific courses or webinars.

Lastly, integrating your site form to ConvertKit ensures timely follow-ups for user queries or feedback. And everything is automated, saving you a lot of time.

If you want to learn how to send Breakdance Builder Forms to ConvertKit, this guide is for you. Read on!

convertkit subscribers list

Create a Contact Form in Breakdance

Create a new page. Go to WordPress > Pages > Add New.

Let’s name the page ‘Contact Us Form.’ Edit the page in Breakdance editor.

Add a ‘Form Builder’ block. Edit the style and layout to your liking.

Breakdance form

Click ‘Save.’ Once you're done, we'll leave it alone for a few until we set up the ConvertKit plugin.

Setup Your ConvertKit Account

1) Connect ConvertKit on WordPress

Once you’ve activated your ConvertKit, you need to integrate it with WordPress. The app will lead you to the ‘Setup Wizard’ as shown below. 

convertkit setup

Here, you have two options. If you don’t have a ConvertKit account, click ‘Register.’ Otherwise, go ahead and click ‘Connect.’

2) Get Your API Key in ConvertKit

Open your ConvertKit dashboard. Go to Settings > Advanced and copy your API key’ and API Secret.’  

get convertkit api

Go back to your WordPress setup page and paste your APIs on the provided fields.

paste convertkit api

Note that you can also go to Settings > ConvertKit to update your APIs.

Create a Form in ConvertKit

1) Add A Form

You can create the form as you continue with the setup process. Or simply go to your ConvertKit account. On top of your dashboard, click Grow > Landing Pages and Forms.

add convertkit form

Then, click ‘Create New’ and choose form.

choose convertkit form

2) Choose a Template

Choose your display format and template. You have the option to customize the template to your liking. Then, let’s name our form ‘Test form.’ Just click the name on the top-left corner to edit it.

In this tutorial, I’ve chosen the ‘Pine Form’ template. I also added two more fields for the Name and Message. So, overall, we have three fields that the user will need to fill in. These are the ‘Name,’ ‘Email Address,’ and ‘Message.’

converkit form template

Make sure that the fields are correctly labeled. When a user submits a form from Breakdance, we want their information to be stored in the correct fields.

Setup Breakdance ConvertKit Integration

1) Add ConvertKit on Form Actions

Back to your Breakdance editor, click the Form Builder element, and select the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu. You will see another dropdown menu named ‘Actions After Submission.’ Click this and choose ‘ConvertKit.’

Once you’ve done this, you will notice the ‘ConvertKit’ option appears below the ‘Actions After Submission’ menu. Let’s click the edit icon beside ‘ConvertKit’ so we can set the form and field map.

add convertkit on breakdance

2) Map Form Fields

A pop-up window will appear. Here, you will see the fields that you need to set. 

Click the ‘Custom’ tab and paste your API key on the provided field. Choose the name of your form under the ‘Form’ dropdown button. 

In this example, the name of our form is ‘Test Form.’ 

Then, under the ‘Custom Fields,’ fill in the three items that match the field names of your form on ConvertKit. Check that the fields are arranged in the same order.

convertkit form field mapping

Once everything is set, click ‘Save.’

Test Your Breakdance Form

1) Enter User Data on Breakdance Form

Open your published form page on the browser. Try to fill it with your name, email, and dummy message. Then, click submit.

test breakdance form

2) Confirm ConvertKit Email Subscription

Once the message is sent, check your email (the one you’ve used to fill in the Breakdance form). You should receive a subscription confirmation message. Go ahead and click confirm.

confirm convertkit subscription

3) Check Result on ConvertKit Dashboard

Open your ConvertKit dashboard. Go to Grow > Subscribers. At the bottom of the page, you should see the list of confirmed subscribers that filled in your Breakdance form.

verify convertkit subscription
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