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Slip.Stream Review: Content Creator's Best Friend for Royalty-Free Music

Content creation would be incomplete without music. It not only sets the mood for your content, but also solidifies your identity as a creator. In this article, I'll tell you about Slip.Stream: an exciting new royalty-free website.
Updated March 20, 2024
Slip.Stream, Generated with Midjourney
Slip.Stream, Generated with Midjourney

Think of your favorite content creators. What draws you into them? Something that — no matter if they’re in gaming, lifestyle, fitness, and everything in between — is always, always there.

It’s music.

Music not only helps set a mood, but it also plays an essential part in building a brand. It helps you connect with your audience and establish consistency. It’s how you elevate your content, it’s how you tell a more compelling story. Music is a universal language with one significant drawback…

There are a lot of intricacies that come with music when it comes to content creation. With news of copyright strikes being abused by rightful owners and bad actors alike, your entire career is in danger with one wrong note. That’s why good royalty-free music is more in demand now than ever.

There’s a lot of royalty-free music out there, but with, you can find great music much faster. In this article, I'll tell what makes essential including its unique features, pricing, and whether or not they’re worth it.

What is Slip.Stream? is the largest royalty-free music library with the most innovative AI-powered tools to inspire creators and help them find music much faster. It boasts over 130,000 tracks and sound effects, making it one of the biggest libraries in the market. Just last year, they received $7.5 million in Series A funding.  

Despite being one of the newcomers in the scene, Slip.Stream is slowly building its reputation through key partnerships. In 2021, Riot Games partnered with Slip.Stream to distribute an instrumental album for League of Legends called Sessions: Diana. Two years later, Acast — one of the world’s leading podcast networks — also partnered with Slip.Stream to allow users access to the latter’s extensive library.

Who Should Use Slip.Stream?

Slip.Stream has a little bit for everyone, but it’s primarily for content creators. This expansive music library presents them with lots of options when it comes to royalty-free music, ranging from ambient to reggae. Whatever your brand is, Slip.Stream has the perfect music for you.

Podcasters can also use Slip.Stream to find the right background music or use their SFX library for more immersive audio dramas. Businesses and freelancers working in media (filmmakers, editors, etc.) could also benefit from this wealth of tracks and innovative tools.

Slip.Stream Key Features

Extensive Collection of Royalty-Free Music

The one thing Slip.Stream has over its competitors is its extensive collection of royalty-free music. With over 130,000 choices, you’re guaranteed to find something you like on this platform. 

But how’s the music quality?

One thing I dislike about YouTube Audio Library, Incompetech, and even Epidemic Sound sometimes, is that most of their music sounds too outdated for modern content creation. There are good ones, but they’re often overused by other content creators already to the point of being generic.

On the other hand, Slip.Stream is fueled by a strong and well-credentialed A&R team whose primary responsibility is to find the best tracks for your content. Even with a massive selection of tracks, it’s hard to find a single one that doesn’t have a specific use or appeal. This library is built for the modern audience — and it shows in the track quality.

As opposed to other royalty-free music libraries, there’s also new music added weekly in Slip.Stream. This ensures a steady stream of fresh tracks into your rotation from emerging and known artists such as:


NEFFEX is a music project founded by Bryce Savage, originally a duo that included Cameron Wales. Their music typically falls within the genres of electronic, hip-hop, and rock, and they are known for creating high-energy and motivational tracks. Most of their work is royalty-free, which has led to their music being featured by popular content creators (like MrBeast and KSI) globally.


Grimes is a Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and visual artist. Her music combines elements of pop, electronic, R&B, and experimental genres. With her unique style and ethereal voice, she is considered one of the most prominent musicians in alternative pop today.

Purrple Cat

Purrple Cat is a music producer and artist known for creating chill and lo-fi music. He first gained popularity in the space for his royalty-free, relaxing, and atmospheric tracks, often accompanied by visuals that complement the laid-back vibe of his music. He currently has more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify and his videos on YouTube has garnered over 4 million views and counting.


T-Pain is a Grammy Award-winning musician who is most renowned for revolutionizing the music industry with his unique use of Auto-Tune, creating a signature sound that fuses R&B, hip-hop, and pop. T-Pain's innovative approach to production and his infectious, melodic hooks have solidified his status as a trailblazer in the realm of modern urban music.

AI Lab

Another thing that sets Slip.Stream apart from other royalty-free libraries is its AI Lab. With this feature, Slip.Stream uses artificial intelligence to find the optimal music for whatever you need. Subscribing to can grant you full access to the AI lab features. Currently the AI lab has the following tools to inspire creators (and more to come):

Video Soundtrack Genie

Do you find yourself having a hard time choosing the perfect soundtrack to a video? Use Slip.Stream’s Video Soundtrack Genie. Simply drag and drop your video, and you'll get fitting soundtrack options for your content in a few seconds.

Magic Playlist Creators

Slip.Stream can also generate a playlist for a specific video topic or scene based on natural language. All you need to do is enter a prompt that describes your use case and let Slip.Stream do its magic.

User Friendly Navigation

I also have to commend their navigation features, which are essential for large libraries. Everything is neatly arranged and can be sorted by mood or genre. Slip.Stream also handpicks some of their music to create carefully curated playlists for any scenario like holidays, vibes, or content type.

You can also tell that accessibility was also in mind when designing this platform. When you find music you like, you can download, hit like, or save it on a playlist. Can't find the music you were listening to earlier? You can trace your steps using their history page.

Everything You Need To Know About Slip.Stream Pricing












$7.99 per month

$14.99 per month



One (1) channel per platform

One (1) channel per platform

Unlimited channels

Unlimited channels

  Access to Premium Songs and SFX Library

Limit to 5 downloads per month

  AI-Generated Playlists

Custom Music Creation and Curation

  Team Collaboration

Wrapping Up

Let's face it: royalty-free music platforms are a dime a dozen these days. I could easily Google "royalty-free music," and I'll get thousands of results in seconds. So, apart from its large music library, what makes SlipStream special?


AI-powered music curation will be the norm in the future, but today, SlipStream is one of the pioneers. If this is the level of innovation we could expect from this platform today, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

SlipStream is a product worth buying — and I don't say that lightly.

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