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14 Crucial Tips for Bootstrapping Startups from Indie Hacker Pieter Levels (levelsio)

Nomadic entrepreneur Pieter Levels built a mini-empire of $7K daily passive revenue by relentlessly launching experiments until he created location-independent magic. Here are some tips I got from watching an interview he did.
Updated February 26, 2024
Pieter Levels smiling in a park with his hands crossed, created with Midjourney
Pieter Levels smiling in a park with his hands crossed, created with Midjourney

Pieter Levels is an inspirational, self-made entrepreneur who epitomizes the potential of what he has in front of him. While studying business across various European universities, a study abroad trip sparked Levels’ fascination with the remote work and digital nomad scene.

After graduating in 2014, he sold nearly all his possessions to embark on global travels while launching startup experiments on the go. Now, he makes over $220k a month.

Despite limited coding expertise initially, Levels leveraged his very own lifestyle insights to develop various bootstrapped ventures meeting remote worker needs. His 2013 side project Nomad List became a highly profitable informational hub and community. Additional successes like the global employment platform Remote OK followed.

Today, the entrepreneur continues running a mini-conglomerate of remote work SaaS ventures that are completely self-funded. With an estimated $7,000+ daily passive revenue across his companies, Levels has built an inspiring example of thriving financially while retaining location independence.

His journey epitomizes embracing uncertainty and repeatedly creating value from zero through a nomadic lifestyle laced with authenticity. He's one of the most respected indie hackers I've ever seen. Despite his rather brash and confrontational attitude, he's still somebody to look up to.

Pieter seems principled, direct and capitalist-minded but with an anti-nepotism stance. Pragmatic rather than idealistic. Values innovation and startups. Seems to engage in discourse without much filter. But willing to appreciate alternate ideas and perspectives.

Levels’ distinct backstory and entrepreneurial path were posted on Levelsio's YouTube channel and excerpted from an extensive Twitch stream he did a few years back. After listening in, here's some incredible tips and advice he shared for anyone looking to start a successful venture:

Validate your business idea by getting paying customers as soon as possible. Don't rely only on free users.

The key is to validate that people actually want your product or service enough to pay for it. Free users don't necessarily show product-market fit. Build a very minimum version, launch quickly, and see if you can convert users to paying customers. That real money indicates you created something with real value. Iterate from there based on customer feedback.

Launch your MVP fast, even if it's imperfect. Get feedback and iterate. Perfectionism leads to procrastination.

Don't get stuck trying to launch a perfect product. Get something out there quickly that solves a core user need and shows the value potential. You can refine and improve it later based on real customer feedback. Perfectionism is the enemy - it leads founders to get stuck planning and preparing rather than launching and learning. Ship early and often.

Share your startup's revenue openly. Transparency builds trust and can be good marketing.

Being open about your business's financials builds trust and interest. It shows you have nothing to hide. Especially for bootstrapped startups aimed at other indie hackers or developers, revenue transparency can be good marketing and positioning. It also holds you accountable to continue progress.

He often tells people to set a personal goal for themselves, and if they fail, pay him $500. It's quite funny, but looks like it works. Erwin from tailscan took on a recent challenge:

Hire slowly and carefully. Treat employees well so they can have the freedom and lifestyle you have.

As your business grows, don't rush to hire or scale up operationally too fast. Carefully vet candidates for culture fit and aligned priorities beyond just skills. Look to hire in a way that enables them to have abundant freedom and a fulfilling lifestyle too - this leads to better loyalty, output and workplace satisfaction.

Automate everything you can, from small tasks like invoices to core products. It saves time and helps scale.

Spend time upfront to automate administrative tasks like billing, reporting, email templates, etc. The compound time savings add up. Furthermore, baking automation into your actual product where possible simplifies usage, reduces customer support, and enables smoother scaling.

Don't trust companies to be loyal to you; you're just labor to them. Focus passion on your own career and goals.

Companies are financially incentivized to treat talent as short-term assets rather than long-term team members. Reciprocate that transactional relationship - trade labor for compensation but don't look to a company for family. Direct passion and loyalty towards your own fulfillment, growth and projects instead.

If your project doesn't intrinsically excite you for at least 6 months, it may not be worth pursuing long-term.

True innovation and execution over the long haul requires deep intrinsic motivation. If you lose excitement in an idea within the first 6 months, listen to that feeling - it may indicate the project won't captivate you for the 5+ years often needed to succeed. Consider supposed "failures" as helpful feedback to inform your next endeavor that does tap into deep intrinsic drive.

Creativity and making something from nothing is magic. Connecting to your intrinsic motivation is key.

There is tremendous fulfillment - almost magical - in having an idea and bringing it to life through creative output. Tapping into what intrinsically motivates you and having the freedom to pursue the creative manifestation of your interests is crucial for both happiness and success in entrepreneurship.

Reduce negativity and stress by limiting news consumption. Focus on creating rather than consuming.

Most news fuels anger, division or anxiety without adding tangible value to your life. Stop mindlessly consuming it. Instead, direct that time and mental energy towards more positive goals that enable creation vs just consumption - whether business projects, artistic endeavors, relationship building, or anything else productive and uplifting.

Travel opens your mind, helps you question nationalism and assumptions, and connects you to the fundamentals of humanity.

Experiencing more cultures and perspectives through travel invariably challenges the assumptions we hold that often stem from nationalism or cultural silos.

The diversity of interactions and thought processes encountered leads to questioning preconceived notions. And the shared joys and struggles of humanity everywhere serve as reminders that we have more common ground than differences on a basic human level.

If you don't know where to start... hint hint: check out

University teaches discipline, finishing things, dating, creativity and offers a place for self-discovery outside “real world”.

The academic content itself is often secondary. The true value is in showing you can commit to something for 4+ years and finish it - demonstrating essential discipline. Additionally, the campus environment supports social bonding, romantic development, creative explorations and general maturation during the pivotal 18-22 period of self-discovery distinct from standard societal or career paradigms.

View life's struggles as an exercise for resilience. Discomfort compounds to strength, while too much comfort leads to weakness.

The adversity and discomfort we face ultimately make us emotionally and mentally stronger and more resilient when we have the right mindset - consciously framing them as their own reward rather than just pain points.

Conversely, a lack of struggle breeds fragility and oversensitivity when minor issues eventually yet inevitably do arise even in highly comfortable settings. Some degree of manageable struggle makes you anti-fragile rather than fragile.

Radical honesty and authenticity are increasingly valued over curated or fake perfection. Trends favor real over manufactured.

Rather than carefully manufactured images and narratives projected mainly for external validation, people now crave radical candor, vulnerability and authenticity. Admitting imperfections wins trust and rapport.

We instinctively know when interactions are scripted vs authentic, and emotionally connect much more to the latter even if it's objectively more "messy". The market rewards brands embracing that same authenticity.

Help those interested in what you do to learn from your knowledge and experience. Making connections and contributing pays dividends.

Paying your lessons and success forward multiplies your impact. Mentor and advise those who express interest in your specialty. Contribute value to your communities. Not only does this help others, it builds meaningful relationships, compounds learning through teaching, and lays groundwork for potential future collaborations, introductions or serendipity.

Now Go Build Something

Levels shows how intense drive can unlock genius and wealth from simple lifestyle experiments. While his extreme, unforgivingly honest style has risks, it cuts through excuses.

For those seeking to escape complacency, replicate his success or explore novel agency, Levels dispels limiting beliefs obstructing potential. But even amidst rugged individualism, he acknowledges relationships and contributions earning him dividends.

Now go build what's going to change your life. And if you haven't already, check out the interview for the full story.

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