Add Page and Post Search in Breakdance Builder

Adding a search bar to a site is essential. Using Breakdance, you can easily add a search bar to any page
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If you're building a new website and planning on filling it with content, one day you'll have a huge website with tons of pages and posts. You'll want to be able to search through all of them easily, allowing visitors to sort through everything you have to offer with a simple query.

Fortunately, adding search functionality to your Breakdance Builder website is easy. All you need to do is add a search form to your site and configure it to search through your pages and posts.

Adding Search in Breakdance

We've added the search in our header, so it will be visible on every page. You can place this where you want, like on a blog index page or a dedicated search page.

If you add the search to your header you'll see a magnifying glass looking button, you can customize the text and icon if you'd like but by default it looks pretty nice.

added search form to breakdance builder header

When clicking on the search and entering a query, all pages and posts should return by default. If you want to limit the search to specific types of content you'll have to create a custom template for search results, with a custom search query based on what was searched. By default, everything shows up on adding the element to your page

the fully expanded view of the search bar in breakdance builder

As you can see, a page and blog post came up after searching for "hello"

the results page after searching for a query in breakdance

Search and Display Custom Queries in Breakdance

If you are building a site with custom post types (houses, business locations, app/service names) then you might want to add a search which only displays posts of that type. We've made a video going over creating a custom search template and applying it to specific queries:


You might want to customize the search UI in the search styling page if you don't like how it looks out of the box, but other than that you're done! You've added a simple search to your Breakdance Builder site. Searching is used on millions of websites every day, and it's an important part of any site with a lot of content. If you have a lot of pages and posts, make sure to add search so people can easily find what they're looking for! If you have any other search questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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