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The ChatGPT Promptbook: Justin Gluska Releases Guide to Leveraging the Power of ChatGPT

For Immediate Release – The ChatGPT Promptbook
Updated January 23, 2023

New York, NY - January 23, 2022 - Justin Gluska, a website blogger and the owner of the Gold Penguin, a digital marketing agency, has released a guide to leveraging the power of ChatGPT, a revolutionary generative AI tool. The book, entitled "The ChatGPT Promptbook: 52 Prompt Examples To Enhance Your Writing, Business, and Life with ChatGPT," is designed to help readers of all backgrounds and professions benefit from the tool's capabilities.

"I've been using ChatGPT since the day it was released and I genuinely can't get enough," says Gluska. "Our society is on the brink of the next technological breakthrough - and it will be the Artificial Intelligence revolution. This is an exciting time for technology. The next few years are going to be an awesome ride."

The book is organized into categories to highlight the versatility of ChatGPT and includes prompts and responses as examples. It also teaches readers how to optimize their use of the tool through effective prompt engineering.

"I hope readers enjoy the read, best of luck, and happy prompting!" says Gluska. "With a little bit of learning, you'll be on your way to speeding up mundane life tasks to possibly developing your next business idea!"

"The ChatGPT Promptbook" is available now in ebook and paperback formats. For more information or to request an interview with the author, please contact Justin Gluska at

About Justin Gluska

Justin Gluska is a website blogger and the owner of Gold Penguin, a digital marketing agency. He has been leveraging online tools and software for the last few years to create his own business and has now decided to share what has helped him the most. His recent blogging focus has been highlighting all types of useful AI tools.

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Written by Justin Gluska
Justin is the founder of Gold Penguin, a business technology blog that helps people start, grow, and scale their business using AI. The world is changing and he believes it's best to make use of the new technology that is starting to change the world. If it can help you make more money or save you time, he'll write about it!
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