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37+ Cute Cat and Kitten Phone Wallpapers Made with Midjourney

Midjourney has just captured the beauty and personality of various cats and kittens through phone wallpapers we’ve curated in this article. Want to see just how adorable they are?
Updated April 30, 2024
a painterly portrait of cats with different breeds and sizes, made with Midjourney
a painterly portrait of cats with different breeds and sizes, made with Midjourney

Cats are known for their curiosity, mischief, grace, and independence. They can be quirky, too—playful, clingy, and affectionate. These lovely felines are just so full of character and that’s what makes them so special. They also make absolutely purrfect subjects for phone wallpapers.

In this article, you’ll find images of cute cats and kittens I’ve created using Midjourney that you can display on your phone’s home screen. You’ll love them even more if you’re one of the certified ailurophiles (cat lovers).

The Cutest Cat and Kitten Phone Wallpapers

Whether you’re looking for a small, big, fluffy, slonk, furry, or not-so-hairy feline, this gallery of cat-themed phone wallpapers will fill your heart with adoration. Cats make our lives better in so many ways. They can be stress relievers, tough yet sweet creatures, and great emotional healers.

Since modern phones are now taller than ever, we’re following a display aspect ratio that will look fine on most smartphones today, which is 9:20. Fret not if your phone’s screen is shorter; cropping a little from the top or bottom won’t make you miss out on much details. Now, are you excited for these kitty wallpapers?

Facing the Camera

These stunning images of cats with their glorious eyes and superb coat will surely grace your home screen display. I mean, just look at these beauties.

Side View Shot

Sometimes, cats can just get too focused on or entertained by what they see. Watching them while just letting them be is simply too amusing and entertaining.


There’s always something heartwarming about watching our fur babies sleep. Be ready as these photos of cute cats and kittens all snuggled up in their nap will melt your heart.


Cats are effortlessly athletic creatures since they’re hunters by nature. Add playfulness and a bit of energy to your phone’s screen display with these adorable photos of a running cat.

Funny Faces

Sometimes, our cats give us a comical look out of pure astonishment or grumpiness. Look at these cats’ facial expressions for example, which are just so funny and meme-worthy!

Wearing Clothes

Midjourney has just dressed cats in a more fashionable manner than I do myself. Look at these handsome and beautiful cats in their tiny outfits!

With Food and Treats

If there’s something else a cat loves so dearly other than their family and playtime, it’s definitely treats and food. If you want photos of a sneaky cat trying to guilt you in letting them have a nibble, check out these images below.

Wearing a Crown

Elegance, splendor, and magnificence is what you’ll find here. These regal images of cats will add grandeur to your home screen display as a phone wallpaper.

So, What Now?

Cats are not just some feral animals—they are also loving pets and a great family member. Through these Midjourney-generated images, I was able to emphasize just how beautiful these creatures are. If you want to discover how powerful Midjourney is, read one of our latest articles about it.

Now, before you go, I hope this article has brought smiles and happiness to your heart as much as these cute cat and kitten phone wallpapers have done to mine. I know for sure, you already fell in love with at least one of these kitties. So make sure to save their photos, bring them with you anywhere, and have fun!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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