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WriteSonic Review – Double Your Copywriting Speed With a Tailored AI Writer

WriteSonic is an AI-powered writing platform that excels in chat, long-form, and unique marketing copy. We'll go over how it stands up against its competition.
Updated August 24, 2023

The digital age has cemented the internet as an indispensable part of our lives, and content generation continues to thrive at the heart of it all. With a staggering 77% of internet users that read blogs and over 600 million blogs in existence, it's evident that the virtual landscape is brimming with opportunities.

As consumers consume, it becomes clear that the world of online content creation isn't slowing down anytime soon. Content has never been more important.

Now what if you could write everything you wanted to but in only half the time? What about less than half? I'm not kidding – you can.

AI writing tools have taken off over the last year and WriteSonic has been a golden ones. This AI-powered copywriting management platform will help you create, edit, and publish articles, blogs, ads, social media posts, and more!

What is WriteSonic?

WriteSonic is a very powerful AI-writing assistant that can help you create or edit content in record speeds. The company itself refers their product as the "Canva of Writing" since it includes many tools in a single platform, all aimed at boosting copywriting output.

WriteSonic is perfect for generating captivating content for websites, social media ads, blog articles, product descriptions, and even YouTube titles or startup ideas. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily select templates, ads, and landing pages, input a brief description of your product or service, and generate multiple variations with just a click. Effortlessly edit, copy, and share the content generated by Writesonic, which acts as your very own professional copywriter. By analyzing brand-specific inputs, it crafts eye-catching ads, landing pages, and product descriptions in real-time. Think of it like ChatGPT but even more fine-tuned.

WriteSonic template examples showing off a few of their features

Key Features

Similar to tools like Jasper, WriteSonic combines powerful fine-tuned templates with an easy to use interface, allowing you to seamlessly create content for internal or external business practices.

ChatGPT but with Internet Connection

This is definitely my favorite feature, it's called ChatSonic. Imagine a ChatGPT-like interface with internet capabilities. You could ask it complex questions, create art with DALL-E, and generate contact all within a single interface. A big problem with ChatGPT is it's limited to 2021. Since ChatSonic has internet access, it's able to get up to date information on much newer information. Very useful if you're trying to combine this with copywriting.

In this example, I asked ChatSonic to give me information about the 2022 NBA finals, then asked it to write a customized paragraph using that information. Very impressive.

ChatSonic representation of fetching data from the web and turning it into a paragraph.

Rapid Content Generation and Ease of Use

WriteSonic is designed to quickly generate a range of text in seconds. Simply input your target topic, follow the intuitive step-by-step process, and watch as the software produces a variety of content. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, guiding users through the entire process with prompts and options.

Every single template will get you a creative result back within 10 seconds. If you are looking for a fine-tuned template that can create enticing content – this is your tool. Here's a few features included:

  1. Website Content: Effortlessly craft website content, including landing pages, feature-to-benefit sections, headers, and SEO meta descriptions, ensuring a polished and professional online presence for your brand.
  2. Digital Ads Copy: Create persuasive and engaging Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ad copy with AI-driven tools, optimizing your digital marketing campaigns for success.
  3. Articles/Blogs: Develop compelling articles and blog content from initial ideas, outlines, and intros to complete articles, streamlining your content creation process. I personally recommend ChatGPT over WriteSonic for blogs, but it's nice to have included.
  4. eCommerce Copy for Amazon: Generate optimized and persuasive product titles, features, and descriptions, boosting the appeal and effectiveness of your Amazon listings.
  5. Sales Emails: Craft captivating and persuasive sales emails with ease, maximizing the potential for conversions and revenue growth.
  6. Copywriting Formulas: Utilize proven copywriting formulas like PAS (Pain-Agitate-Solution) and AIDA, ensuring your content follows best practices for engaging and motivating your audience.
  7. Press Releases, Bios, and YouTube Video Copy: Produce professionally written press releases, company and personal bios, and YouTube video copy to enhance your brand's reputation and online presence.

Website Landing and Feature Generation

Enter a few things about your company/product, write a few descriptions, and just a few clicks later you'll be introduced to a landing page sample with a bunch of descriptive features. Very useful if you run an agency or are simply a creator.

Blog Post Complete Article Assistant

With tools like ChatGPT, this feature isn't anything new to the copywriting world. It's useful to have included within WriteSonic, but I believe more personalized tools like the website landing page & feature generation are a better use of the tool.

Multilingual Support

WriteSonic's ability to generate AI content in 25 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Chinese, caters to a global audience. While some editing may be required before publishing, especially for non-English languages, WriteSonic still serves as a solid foundation for your multilingual content needs.

Comprehensive Use Cases

WriteSonic provides access to more than 70 use cases, covering various industries and content requirements. Bloggers, content writers, ad agencies, affiliate marketers, eCommerce store owners, social media writers, and copywriters can all benefit from this versatile platform. With tools designed to craft article intros, ad copy, product descriptions, social media captions, landing pages, CTAs, and more, WriteSonic is a one-stop solution for all your content generation needs.

How Does WriteSonic Work?

Once you pay for a subscription, head over to the template library and select the template you're looking for. You could search, pick a category, or just go over the entire list

Who Should Use WriteSonic?

Both individuals and businesses seeking to elevate their content creation process to enhance their online presence can greatly benefit from WriteSonic.

It's truly ideal for those who require versatile, efficient, and AI-powered solutions for crafting persuasive and engaging content across various channels and platforms.

It can seem a little overwhelming at first, but once you learn all the templates, you can narrow down to maximize their tailored templates for your company use. But how do you know if WriteSonic is for you? Some people that could really benefit from trying it are

  1. Digital Marketers: Digital marketers can leverage an AI-powered writing assistant to create persuasive ad copy for social platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter), ultimately helping drive sales and improve brand visibility.
  2. Content Creators and Bloggers: Content creators and bloggers can utilize the tool to generate engaging blog posts, listicle ideas, article summaries, and YouTube titles, streamlining their content creation process and maximizing audience engagement.
  3. eCommerce Store Owners: eCommerce store owners can benefit from the software's ability to craft compelling product descriptions and landing pages, enhancing their online store's appeal and boosting conversion rates.
  4. Startup Founders and Growth Hackers: Startup founders and growth hackers can employ the AI-powered writing assistant to generate innovative growth ideas and effective startup pitches, ensuring their venture captures leads and gains a competitive edge in the market.

Pros and Cons

With everything great about the tool I wanted to highlight some reviews I was reading before I purchased my subscription. Some users had complained about buggy software, lack of support, and not truly offering unlimited credits. I didn't run into any of these but still wanted to point them out.



  • Versatile enough to create various content types (blogs, articles, landing pages, titles, etc.)

  • Budget-friendly for daily use

  • Popular software with a strong community

  • Decent customer service

  • Attractive UI and user-friendly design

  • Integrations with various tools and API access

  • Copy sounds like it's written by a human

  • Powerful long-form content capabilities

  • Weird pricing model (pay for quality)

  • Robotic sentence structure sometimes requiring manual adjustment

  • Occasional plagiarism issues in larger copies

  • Limited tone settings and no SEO optimization

  • High research-based articles can be unreliable

WriteSonic Pricing

Ok so, WriteSonic used to have a very strange pricing model. They updated things to make more sense recently. Here's how it works:

There first paid plan is the "Ultimate" one. It costs $20 a month, includes ChatSonic, 100+ AI Templates, and an AI article writer.

The second plan is the business one, starting at $19 a month offering 200,000 words of GPT 3.5 or 33,333 of GPT-4. This also includes one user seat. Things get more expensive as you add more users and upgrade word count.

If you pay for a year up front, you can get up to 3 months of writing free. This breaks down to about $12.67 a month, definitely a worthy investment if you know you'll be using WriteSonic for quite a while. As with all tools, I recommend trying the monthly plan before upgrading to a yearly one.

WriteSonic Alternatives

Jasper AI – Jasper is probably the closest software on the market to WriteSonic, it has a bunch of templates, short, and long-form content writing capabilities

Copysmith - If you want a tool that combines AI with eCommerce copywriting, check out Copysmith. Create descriptions, rephrase content, and work on SEO for your online stores.

Copy AI – Copy is a great tool for shorter content. I've used copy for smaller paragraphs, descriptions, and social media content. You can use it for blogs too but I think there are better tools (ChatGPT)

My Honest Thoughts

Most AI tools kind of seem to be doing the same thing at this point. I wouldn't use WriteSonic to write general copy, I think ChatGPT works better (and it's completely free). But, I would use WriteSonic to use its chat and advanced AI-generating blog writing features.

The free trial doesn't require any credit card information, which is a plus. You'll get a few credits to test out the different types of templates and writing features.

In all honesty, WriteSonic seems like a powerful and fairly accurate AI writer & truly comes with a wide variety of tools. It's a solid choice for content creators, social media writers, ad agencies, copywriters, and more. The friendly UI, high-quality outputs, and advanced long-form content make it a value-for-money tool. Although there's room for improvement in some areas, it's a lot better for more specific AI writing generation features.

If you're interested, you can sign up for a free trial and upgrade to a paid plan if you think it's worth it. Never hurts to try! Have you used WriteSonic before? Drop a comment to let us know your thoughts.

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Written by Justin Gluska
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