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33+ Cute Dog and Puppy Phone Wallpapers Made with Midjourney

We’ve just created some of the cutest phone wallpapers featuring dogs and puppies using Midjourney. This article is a paradise for people who love these playful and loyal companions.
Updated May 1, 2024
a painterly portrait of dogs with different breeds and sizes, made with Midjourney
a painterly portrait of dogs with different breeds and sizes, made with Midjourney

Dogs are more than just an animal or a pet. They’re a man’s best friend and are often treated as family. They also make amazing subjects for wallpapers.

Here, you’ll find the paw-fect phone wallpapers that I’ve created using Midjourney featuring these adorable creatures. If you’re a cynophile (a dog lover), these photos will bring joy to your heart and smiles to your face.

The Cutest Dog and Puppy Phone Wallpapers

In the following galleries, you’ll be greeted by the overflowing cuteness of dogs in various sizes and breeds. Whether it’s a lap dog, a fierce guardian, or an energetic ball of fur, they’re all going to make your heart full.

Before I forget, these phone wallpapers will follow a display aspect ratio of 9:20 as the majority of modern phones are now taller than they were before. If your phone is shorter though, don’t worry! You won’t miss much when you crop a little vertically. Now, are you excited for these cute dog-themed phone wallpapers?

Facing the Camera

These images of a dog facing the camera will make a lovely phone wallpaper. Just look at those faces. Need I say more?

Side View Shot

Magnificence—a word that perfectly fits these photos. These candid shots of these beauties are absolutely gorgeous, one that is fit to be on home screen display.


There’s nothing more heartwarming than a dog so happy and excited to see you after you’ve been away for some time. Their welcoming runs and licks are just the best!


There are times when we just want to watch our fur babies snooze. Now, through Midjourney, I bring to you these photos of dogs and puppies—all cozy and sound asleep—that will make your heart melt.

Funny Faces

Sometimes, our dogs make us laugh in ways they’re completely unaware of. Check out these hilarious facial expressions of a dog; they’re just too precious, and probably memeable too!

With Food and Treats

Look at how uplifting these photos are.These moments capturing the happiness in these dogs' emotions to food will radiate on your phone’s home screen, giving it a light-hearted aura.

Wearing a Crown

Dogs are not only our furry pals, buddies, protectors, or helpers. They can be royals too just like the ones below generated by Midjourney. Aren’t they truly majestic and sublime?

So, What’s Next?

Dogs aren’t the only animals Midjourney can turn into a beautiful subject for a phone wallpaper. It can generate images of pretty much anything, including space and environment. What’s next after this one is for cat lovers (yes, that’s a spoiler), so just stay tuned.

For now, I hope you had fun with this article as much as I did. I know you love at least one of them so feel free to adopt them, keep them forever, and enjoy!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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