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75+ Space and Environment Phone Wallpapers Made with Midjourney

There are too many wallpapers in the internet, but too few good ones. Here are my 75+ space and nature-themed entries to the latter, all generated with Midjourney.
Updated April 1, 2024
The moon as seen on beautiful lake, symbolizing space and nature, generated with Midjourney
The moon as seen on beautiful lake, symbolizing space and nature, generated with Midjourney

I've tried so many phone wallpapers over the years. Abstract. Pixel art. My favorite shows and films. But, I still end up with the old reliables: space and nature.

However, it's so dang hard to find a good one. Most of the time, I end up settling with something that I don't particularly hate, instead of something that I love. I've always thought that if I had the time and talent, I'd make the best wallpapers in the business. Now, with Midjourney, I don't need them both to make beautiful backdrops, I just need the right idea.

In this article, I'm making a gallery of my favorite space and nature-related wallpapers. So, scroll down and pick your favorite. I promise you, there's at least one out here that you'll love.

The Best Space and Environment Wallpapers

Before we begin, we need to address aspect ratios first. Since smartphones don't have a universal aspect ratio, I had to pick between multiple options before deciding on 20:9. This makes it easier to crop a couple of centimeters off the top or bottom of the image so it'd fit your screen.


Wallpapers can breathe new life into our smartphones. Nature wallpapers, in particular, lets us stay connected to the natural world even when we're always glued to our screens. From serene forests to crashing waves, these Midjourney images are some of my favorite Midjourney wallpapers based on nature.


Ever since humans existed, we have gazed up at the stars and galaxies above us with wonder and awe. Now, we can look down to our phones and capture the endless beauty of the universe through these amazing Midjourney space wallpapers.

Combination of Both

If you can't decide between nature and space wallpapers, don't worry. I also have 15 Midjourney images that merges both concepts into one. Most of these have an element of surrealism, but they're all equally beautiful. And just a quick spoiler alert: this category has my favorite wallpapers from this collection.

So, What Now?

Refreshing your phone wallpaper is a new start. It lifts your mood, making you smile every time you lift your phone up or press the power button. With Midjourney, it's now easier than ever to create beautiful wallpapers. So, feel free to download any of these and use them.

While I have you here, I highly suggest reading our full review of Midjourney and some of our comparison articles. If you're interested in making AI art, you can also check out our curated prompts in this article. Have fun!

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Written by John Angelo Yap
Hi, I'm Angelo. I'm currently an undergraduate student studying Software Engineering. Now, you might be wondering, what is a computer science student doing writing for Gold Penguin? I took up studying computer science because it was practical and because I was good at it. But, if I had the chance, I'd be writing for a career. Building worlds and adjectivizing nouns for no other reason other than they sound good. And that's why I'm here.
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