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55 of The Coolest and Most Complex Midjourney V6 Prompts

Midjourney V6 doesn't just have the creativity, but also the nuance to solidify itself as one of the best AI image generator in the market. Here are some of my favorite V6 prompts after playing around with it for a few days.
Updated January 3, 2024
An old man dreaming of a universe of his own creation, generated with Midjourney V6
An old man dreaming of a universe of his own creation, generated with Midjourney V6

Midjourney V6 just came out and it's already become my favorite AI image generator. It's a perfect mix of nuance and creativity — something that understands every single word of your prompt and perfectly captures it in an image.

But, as they say: a sword is only as good as the man who wields it.

Without the proper prompt, V6 is just another run-of-the-mill AI image generator. So that's why I've collected my favorite prompts for the new Midjourney version so far. I will give you a sneak peek into how creative it can be with the right string of words. Let's get into it

The Best Midjourney V6 Prompts


Midjourney V5.2 had this quirky habit of always giving people these super smooth faces like they just stepped out of a skincare ad — no scars or blemishes in sight. You could spot it from a mile away. But hey, good news! With V6, you can actually get some real character in those portraits.

Here are a couple of prompts for you to try out:

[Subject] plants, postmodern photography, elegant figures, orange and green, art nouveau fashion, closeup

portrait of a [Subject], glamour street medium format photography, next-door looks, depth of field camerawork

low-angle photo of a [Subject], cinematic shot, overcast weather

kodak disposable camera selfie photo of a [Subject], analog

[Subject] portrait photography, smooth light, real photography, wolfgang tillmans

[Subject] sports action photography, pickleball, kinetic movement, slight motion blur

[Subject] photo-realistic, leica m6, 50mm f/1.8 lens

closeup portrait photo from below of a [Subject] in [Setting] during winter

[Subject + Clothing] in the style of mamiya rb67, shige's visual aesthetic style, dark brown and light beige, tumblewave, oshare kei, brooding mood

Panoramic seaside, real photo style, [Subject] detailed face, ethereal background, light blue & white, floating white silk, epic masterpiece


Landscapes was one thing Midjourney V5.2 was good at, but looking back, it just looked a bit too polished. No rough edges, no natural chaos. V6 takes an already capable model and improves upon it by adding a touch of realism to landscape photos.

Here are a couple of prompts that captures the essence of nature:

Midjourney V6 Landscape: Bears roaming a rocky mountain

[Subject] real photography by daniel kordan, panoramic shot, dutch landscapes, epic

Midjourney V6 Landscape: A lone lighthouse during a storm

[Subject] real photography, eerie, ultra wide angle, [Color] hues, inspired by vilhelm hammershoi

Midjourney V6 Landscape: Terraces of Bhutan

[Subject] landscape, with peaks and terraced fields, beautiful scenery, 32K ultra wide shot

Midjourney V6 Landscape: A portrait of Singapore

a portrait of [Place] by iwan baan, street

Midjourney V6 Landscape: The grasslands

[Subject] wide angle shot, minimalist photography, fujifilm pro 800z, clear skies, ethereal background

Other Realism Examples

a hyperrealistic slice of [Subject] white background, isolated

food photography, [Subject] macro shot, [Subject Focus] black background

view from above [Subject] real photography, professional food photography, vivid colors

product photography, [Subject] soft pallette, magical realism, whimsical and dreamy

commercial photography, [Subject] wood, high contrast, cinematic lighting

Midjourney V6 Realism: A colorful street

[Subject] overcast light, as photographed by andreas gursky

[Subject + Subject Action] golden hour, wildlife photography

a macro shot of [Subject] in natural light

Midjourney V6 Realism: Snowflake

a micro shot of a [Subject] pastel gradient, intricate patterns, dark background, extreme closeup

Architecture and Interior Design

Midjourney V5.2 was, and still is, a great tool architecture and interior design. V6 is proof that you can always improve even if you're good enough with improvements on nuance and authenticity of real spaces. The updated version offers a more genuine portrayal of architectural and interior design elements. For example:

exterior of [Subject] nature, modern asian architecture, inspired by thomas struth photography

exterior shot of a [Subject] black and white accents, simple elegance, bright day, modern architecture

Midjourney V6 Architecture & Interior Design: Cliffside House

[Subject] housewarming inside the house, chic interior design, photography by julius shulman, dusk lighting

interior, [Subject Location] cottagecore, a young woman tending the plants, wide angle shot

architectural digest image of open spaces, mies van der rohe, [POV] minimalist interior design, light brown and light amber, Canon EOS 90D

Midjourney V6 Architecture & Interior Design: Bookstore

[Subject] hollywood regency architecture

Digital Art

Technically, all Midjourney art is digital art. However, if you're looking for art that actually looks digitally made, here are a few prompts to keep in mind:

Midjourney V6 Digital Art: Print

[Subject] linocut print, distraught, spiraling into madness, shigeo fukuda, surreal interstellar background, indigo

[Subject] flat vector illustration, muted colors, clean background

[Subject] rpg, realistic cartoon style, detailed lines on edges

[Subject] gta loading screen, grand theft auto 5

detailed pixel art, [Subject] liminal, exterior shot

an animated picture with an image of [Subject] in the style of bill watterson, light crimson and violet, whimsical cats, concept art, caninecore, disney animation, pseudo-realistic

[Subject] in a dvd screen grab of Dragon Ball Z, drawn by Akira Toriyama, animated by Toei animation studio, 1985 Japanese anime

[Subject] in pop art style with red and gold background, god rays, peter bagge, striped arrangements, animated gifs, grant morrison

[Subject] at the beach, cool summer breeze, in the style of hayao miyazaki

mixed-media scrap fabric and acrylic collage of [Subject] chaos, marcel duchamp

Midjourney V6 Digital Art: Percy Jackson Animated Series

in the style of 1980s animated series, [Subject]


Midjourney has always been one of my favorite AI image generators for logos. With their new text generation capabilities, you can now create logos with your company name directly. Here are a couple examples:

a logo for a [Purpose] with the word [Shop Name] below the logo, in the style of paul rand, clean background, minimalist

a clean logo for a [Purpose] with the word [Shop or Company Name] below the logo, line art of a [Subject] no fill, intricate

a clean logo for a [Purpose] with the word [Shop or Company Name] below the logo, fauvism inspired

a simple minimal logo of [Subject] with the word [Shop or Company Name] below the logo, in the style of ukiyo-e, japanese, minimalism

Storyboarding and Concept Art

If you're looking for film stills, character designs, and concept art, I've got you. The following are some of the best Midjourney V6 prompts for storytelling:

Midjourney V6 Concept Art: Slice of Life Movie

high quality photography of [Subject] backlighting, natural pale light, film camera, by Rinko Kawauchi, HDR

Midjourney V6 Concept Art: Sci-fi Movie

film still, white angle shot of [Subject] sci-fi movie, by christopher nolan, celestial bodies

Midjourney V6 Concept Art: Drama Film

Wong Kar-wai film, Shanghai 1995, [Subject] radiant colors, vibrantcolorism

Midjourney V6 Concept Art: Action-Superhero Flick

cinematic film still, [Subject] live-action concept art, in the style of marvel cinematic universe

animation still, [Subject] [Subject Gender] character design, high fantasy, [Setting] background

character design, [Subject] [Additional Subject Descriptors, i.e. age, hair color, clothing, unique characteristics] unreal engine

[Subject] celestial bodies, dreamscape, closeup, character concept design

[Subject] animated comics, in the style of hayao miyazaki, animated gifs, emphasis on detail, naoko takeuchi, strong lines

Parting Words

I've always thought that the best and most ethical way to use Midjourney isn't to make money but to give non-artistic people a chance not just to ideate but also to create.

Midjourney will keep improving; soon, you won't have to resort to complex prompts to get what you want. So, scroll up and take a look at each of them once again. I guarantee that next year, if you stumble upon this article in January 2025, you'll look back and realize how much it's grown since then.

So here are my parting thoughts for now: above all else, remember that these prompts are just a starting point. The true brilliance of Midjourney V6 lies in what you make of them. Get creative, experiment, and push the boundaries. Oh, and of course, have fun!

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Written by John Angelo Yap
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