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90+ Incredibly Abstract Phone Wallpapers Made with Midjourney

Looking for the perfect wallpaper takes a lot of time and commitment. Midjourney makes it a lot easier by just generating whatever you want. For those without this power, here are 90+ abstract wallpapers created with Midjourney.
Updated April 1, 2024
Abstract shapes, generated with Midjourney
Abstract shapes, generated with Midjourney

I don't know about you, but I spend more than an hour finding the perfect wallpaper when I get tired of my old one. It's incredibly time-consuming to find that diamond in the rough.

But now, with Midjourney, I can create any wallpaper I want. I just need to find the right prompt, and I have my wallpaper (until I get bored and repeat the process over again)

The thing is, not all of us can afford this AI image generator. So, I'm bringing Midjourney to you. Here are some of the best abstract phone wallpapers I've ever generated with Midjourney.

The Best Abstract Phone Wallpapers

Since smartphones have different aspect ratios, I'm going to generate these images according to iPhone 15 (19.5:9) and Google Pixel 7 (20:9) standards since taller phones are going to be the trend moving forward. So, these photos will have an aspect ratio of 20:9.

If you're using a phone with a different aspect ratio, that's okay too! Let's be honest, since these are all abstract photos, you won't be missing much by cropping out an inch or so.

Generating 20:9 images will also give you more legroom to crop vertically, so you don't have to crop horizontally, which can make your wallpaper feel a little claustrophobic.

Linear and Geometric

Lines and shapes are perhaps the simplest, but most effective subjects in abstract art. If you think about it, they're the most fundamental aspects of every art. If you're looking for something similar to Swiss design or something Dadaish (as opposed to Dadaist), check out these cool wallpapers below.


Fluids are the second-most common subject of abstract art wallpapers, next to shapes. There's just something so satisfying about flowing objects that make them amazing smartphone backgrounds. If you agree, you can cop any of the following images here:


Let's move on from flat shapes into something more exciting: 3D objects. If you're looking for some depth in your wallpaper, you're in luck! These are some of my favorite 3D wallpapers made with Midjourney.

With Non-Human Subjects

So, there's multiple interpretations of the word "abstract." The way I see it, even with discernible subjects, it still counts if there are some indistinguishable layers to an image. That said, I did cheat on some of these. But c'mon, they're just too beautiful not to share. I mean, just look at them:

With Human Subjects

Okay, so this is where Midjourney started to combine elements of abstraction and surrealism. My prompts were failing me, but the images didn't disappoint. So, I'm putting these here just to cap off this article. Here are some of my best attempts at creating art that merges abstract reality with humans:

So, What Now?

Find something you like? I know you did.

Through Midjourney, we've journeyed through swirling dreamscapes, atmospheric landscapes, sci-fi spheres, and to places I can't even name. And with these wallpapers, you won't have to mindlessly scroll through Reddit or Unsplash just to find the right one. We have them all curated right here.

I hope these wallpapers infuse your phone with a sense of wonder and weird abstraction every day. Download your favorites, make your own prompt ideas, and experiment again and again. You can even see some of my favorite prompts here.

Don't forget to check out some of our other articles on Midjourney, like this one. And if you want more Midjourney wallpapers, spoiler alert, you won't have to wait long. So definitely stay tuned for that.

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Written by John Angelo Yap
Hi, I'm Angelo. I'm currently an undergraduate student studying Software Engineering. Now, you might be wondering, what is a computer science student doing writing for Gold Penguin? I took up studying computer science because it was practical and because I was good at it. But, if I had the chance, I'd be writing for a career. Building worlds and adjectivizing nouns for no other reason other than they sound good. And that's why I'm here.
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