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The Best Third-Party Plugins and Extensions to Use With Breakdance Builder

Breakdance is a powerful WordPress page builder, but why not extend it further? These tools will help boost your page designs and company branding
Updated August 31, 2023

Breakdance is a wonderful WordPress page builder. It's fast, easy to use, and extremely powerful. The community around it has been stepping up to the plate offering support, tips, and recently created some powerful extensions. Community developers have put together elements and plugins that tie in with Breakdance quite well. Here's a list of what's currently available

Destiny Elements

Destiny Elements adds 25+ new premium elements that integrate with Breakdance seamlessly. We've put together a whole review here if you want to read about each element. Each block is completely customizable based on how you want it to look and act.

Currently priced at €39 for an individual license, Destiny is a fairly affordable plugin & also includes a lifetime deal. They said they'll be adding more elements over the next few months. Check out their website and Facebook if you have any more questions.

Full list of Destiny Element blocks to use with Breakdance Builder. Includes essentials, blogs, and extras


The BD dlibrary has a ton of page templates for use as your disposal. You can use their design sets to easily add and customize pages on your own website. Breakdance does include their own library, but if you're looking for additional sets and tweaks to customize your page designs further, this could help out.

With support for over a dozen types of sections and hundreds of elements, be sure to check it out. You can get access to 88 blocks for free and unlock 300+ of them for $99 a year.

Honestly, the Breakdance library is really good by itself. If Breakdance continues to add and update it, I'm sure there won't be too much of a need for additional design libraries. But for now, this library is a good additional section building tool.

Elements Hive

Do you like animations? You'll love Elements Hive. This free plugin includes 13+ free elements and extensions to make your website more alive. You can create awesome WebGL effects, cursor effects, glue buttons, and gooey links. It's beautiful... and it's all free. Check out our review.

To use Elements Hive, install the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository and add a new "Elements Hive" element in the block builder. It's all customization from there.

WebGL media hover in Elements Hive for Breakdance Builder
List of all Elements Hive elements for Breakdance Builder

We're still in a new stage of Breakdance's existence. It's not even a year old yet. In comparison to builders like Elementor that were released in 2016, Breakdance is a baby. Over the next few months and years we'll see more powerful extensions that hook into Breakdance to expand the possibilities of this already powerful page builder. Any other elements we missed? Leave a comment below and we'll add it to the list! If you're a developer building something for Breakdance, also let me know!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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