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Destiny Elements for Breakdance Builder Review: Build Faster

Destiny Elements for Breakdance is a new plugin with over 25 elements to help speed up and customize your Breakdance builder designs. Here's a list of everything included
Updated September 10, 2023

The best part of creating websites with WordPress is how easy it is for developers to customize site themes and builders to their liking. With the release of Breakdance last summer came a few add-ons from the community, one of these being Destiny Elements.

With over 25 supplemental builder elements, Destiny Elements adds greater functionality to your Breakdance website. You can add things like review tables, custom blog features, and even a custom cursor. Over the next few minutes we'll go over every feature the plugin has to offer to see if it's really worth the cost

Breakdance is quickly ramping up to become the more powerful WordPress page builder on the market. Considering 40% of global websites are powered by WordPress, it's not going away anytime soon. Let's see how the plugin integrates with Breakdance and what it has to offer.

How Much Does Destiny Elements Cost?

Destiny Elements costs €39 to use on a single site and €89 for unlimited sites. You only have to buy the license once and you can use it forever. The plugin also includes a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren't happy with your purchase. Destiny Elements seems to be updated every few weeks, so you'll get constant updates adding new features included forever with only a single purchase.

Destiny Elements List & Explanation

Over the next few minutes we'll go over every single Destiny Element block and element, showing you the power of each & how you can use it to speed up your work with Breakdance!

If you're an agency owner, indie developer, or small business owner trying to build your own website, give these elements a chance, see if they'd make sense for you and your team.

Read More

The first general element is a read more widget. This isn't for blogs, but rather general content. If you want to display text on a page but want the user to expand it before, this is the element for you. You can customize the button names, content, and styling features.

You can also hide the panel by Word Count or Height, add your custom word count length, and add custom end text on Word Count type.

Destiny Elements read more element

Faceted Search

With the faceted search element, you can enjoy tons of customization options inside Breakdance. This includes allowing you to customize your blog post archive, taxonomies, Meta fields, search, and date picker.

If you own a WooCommerce site, your customers can easily browse your store's data by filtering out the products they don't need. They can quickly sort products according to price, price range, date, ratings, and popularity. And because purchases can be completed faster, customers are very likely to buy more.

Ajax Search

With the live Ajax search element, you can help your users find what they're looking for in a flash using your own queries and taxonomies. You can customize the search functions such as creating messages with placeholders and selecting the input, button, and results.

Taxonomy is enabled by default and you can select which type you want to enable or disable, such as Featured Images and Result Count.

If you have a WooCommerce site, you can show the product prices, including the regular and promo prices. Note, however, that Breakdance is only for customization and Ajax search doesn’t work inside the builder. But the Open Dropdown Wrapper allows you to view the dummy dropdown and results while styling them. Just make sure to disable them before going live. Otherwise, your site users will see them.

Responsive Table

The responsive table is really great. It adapts to screen size and lets you hide and resize at specific breakpoints. Everything you see in the table is fully customizable. Each table can include text or outgoing links. Great for schedules, comparisons, and informational charts.

Responsive Table in Destiny Elements for Breakdance Builder

I love the collapsable accordion for mobile devices (makes it super useful if you stuff a lot of content that mobile users don't need to see by default).

Destiny Elements Responsive Table mobile accordion menu

Destiny Accordion

The accordion element is a variation of the frequently asked questions Breakdance Element. It's a bit more appealing out of the box and has some smoother animations. It works great on mobile (the width is just shrunk to fit the screen size).

Destiny elements Destiny Accordion element.

Google Reviews

The reviews element lets you place (with or without an API) reviews on your website. You can manually add a review title and link to the actual post for verification. Really nice for social proof!


Table is very similar to the responsive table, but if you don't want the table to collapse on mobile you should use this one. You're still able to scroll left to right if you'd still like to visualize everything on mobile. This element still comes with the responsive table extensive customization options.

Table element made with Destiny Elements for Breakdance Builder

Destiny Button

The destiny button doesn't really include anything too different besides a few hover effect features & some design quirks. A slight edge over the normal Breakdance button.

Destiny Button element for Breakdance Builder showing design features

Off Canvas

This is somewhat like a modal feature. It's basically a popup on the right (or customizable) part of your screen that you can add other elements too. To toggle the popup you can add specific classes to any element, triggering the off canvas. Opening is .de-oc-open and closing is .de-oc-close.

Off campus destiny elements breakdance builder element showing a sidebar


The team element lets you easily add names, pictures, and social links for members on your team. It's easier than designing a custom team column but still limits you in a few ways. If you need a quick layout, this is for you. You can further customize the amount of columns and spacing if needed.

team widget in destiny elements for breakdance builder


I really like the timeline block. This lets you create a long, scrollable list with notable events or points you'd like to talk about. Again, everything is customizable – from the dot size to the background colors. Really useful for company histories, personal achievements, and scheduled timelines.

Copyright Year

Looking for a dynamic way to showcase the current year but don't want to code? Yeah, this one does it. The copyright year element automatically updates with the year, so you don't need to worry about writing code or manually changing the footer of your website every year. Yes, this only takes a few seconds – but why not save yourself the time, especially if you're designing websites for clients.

Dynamic copyright year element widget with Destiny Elements for Breakdance Builder

Back To Top Button

The Back To Top Button element simplifies navigation to bring people back to the top of the page. You can choose your preferred icon, size, and color to match your site style.

You can set it to appear at a specific point or keep it visible at all times.

Blogging Elements

Destiny also includes a bunch of elements for blog pages. You can add reading time, a reading progress bar, date updated, page views, a table of contents, and post taxonomies.

These are very useful if you want to use Breakdance to design a custom blog post page. Very useful for companies heavily focusing on content but want more customization

Image Hotspots

This one is really awesome. You can "tag" images with hotspots and when clicked display a message and link. Great for a website selling multiple things, like a furniture company selling different things.

Image Accordion

This element allows you to add images, captions, and description, and customize the way you want it. You can showcase multiple images without using a lot of space. When a visitor hovers over the accordion, each image elegantly expands while the others gracefully contract.

Audio Player

The audio player element lets you embed MP3 files into a post page. You could use the default browser player or a custom one from the element. Once a new player is played, the previous one will pause.

You could also style the player, duration, buttons, and volume settings. You can add a playlist and hide the current time, progress bar, total duration, and mute button.

Add Audio to Breakdance Builder WordPress website using Destiny Elements Audio Player Widget

Advanced Google Map

If you want to connect to the Google Maps API to to display a location on a map, this is your widget. You could add tooltips, adjust the map size, and add markers

Fluent Forms

If you use Fluent Forms, you can use this direct element to integrate and adjust the form to your specific styling settings. Breakdance does have a native contact form but if you want further customization, you can use this integrated element.

Custom Cursor

This element is somewhat like a custom cursor integration of the Blobity but native inside a Breakdance page. This simplifies the integration process if you're looking for a custom cursor without having to code any JavaScript yourself.

Custom Cursor element in Breakdance Builder using Destiny Elements

Scroll Button

The scroll button lets you go directly to a section on a page. Very useful for landing or service description pages, scrolling down to part of a page with more information. Also a great feature to have on a blog page.

Scroll To Button in Breakdance Builder using Destiny Elements


The filters element can filter content (like images) to showcase a portfolio on a single page. You can add content and section of what you want to get filtered when each button is clicked.

Filter element for use with Destiny Elements in Breakdance Builder

Food Menu (Restaurant Menu)

Restaurant owner building a site in Breakdance? Easily add this responsive, adaptable menu to your pages. Showcase images, descriptions, and prices of products for your restaurant easily changeable in Breakdance. The element lets you change all fonts, text, and offers extensive customization options.

Restaurant Menu Element in Breakdance Builder offered by Destiny Elements for Breakdance showcase

Flip Card

Want to change a box of text when someone hovers? The flip card lets you do just that. Add an image, text, and an icon for the front and back sides of a card. Especially useful for containing more information behind something if it's not as important.

Flip card widget for Breakdance Builder from Destiny Elements Plugin.

Tilt Card

The tilt card is very similar to the flip card that acts as a responsive container that holds custom content. The element will automatically tilt whatever is inside of it when the user hovers over it or outside of it. Content appears to "pop out" of the page. You can customize the degrees, scaling, and hover options.

Tilt Card example picture showing image tilted 3 degrees on hovering built with Destiny Elements for Breakdance Builder

Gravity Forms

Just like Fluent Forms, if you're a gravity forms user – this is a great element for you. Directly integrate gravity forms into Breakdance Builder. Customize the options and colors for every single form art option.

Gravity forms integrated with Breakdance Builder using Destiny Elements for Breakdance.

Formidable Forms

Just like Gravity & Fluent forms, you can easily select a formidable form with the dropdown menu within the builder. You can customize each element of the Formidable Form with less effort. You also don’t have to open the box of shortcodes and don’t need coding skills.

Is Destiny Elements Worth It?

Overall I would definitely say yes. Are you an individual trying to build a site and want a few extra elements to speed up the process? If you could make use of any of the elements in this list, it's a good sign. They'll be adding more elements over the next few months.

If you are using Breakdance frequently for either individual or client work, paying €49 for a lifetime deal is worth it. We are still in the early versions of Breakdance and so much more is to come in the next few years. The community, support, and builder will expand & locking in Destiny Elements now as a great supplemental extension to an already powerful builder is a good idea. I wouldn't be surprised if the price goes up in a few months or they remove the LTD and charge yearly.

Have you tried Destiny Elements before? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below! What other extensions have you tested for Breakdance?

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