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Breakdance is a new WordPress page builder that focuses on ease of use. With over 100 elements and simple drag & drop UI, Breakdance makes creating beautiful websites easy and fun.
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Building a website is critical for any business today. Having an online presence helps you reach a larger audience, connect with customers, and boost sales. But if you're not a web developer, building a website can be daunting. Breakdance is a powerful, easy-to-use WordPress page builder that makes creating beautiful websites a breeze, even for complete beginners.

What is Breakdance Builder?

Breakdance is a new WordPress page builder focused on both power and speed. The builder was recently released in September and features over 120 block elements usable through a drag & drop UI. Breakdance makes creating beautiful websites easy and fun (if you love to visualize your site designs). Plus, because it's built on top of WordPress, it has all the power and flexibility for advanced development. So whether you're a small business owner looking to create a website or a seasoned developer building with speed in mind, Breakdance might be your perfect tool.

Breakdance was created by Soflyy, the company that works on the Oxygen Builder. It's been in development for several years and combines all of the best features of current market page builders. The goal was to create a tool that was both easy to use and powerful enough for website developers of all skill levels. It was recently released and is available to the public for introductory pricing at $149 a year.

Website Development Can Be Expensive

Creating a website can get expensive! You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars on a basic website, but if you want something more custom or complex, the price can jump into the tens of thousands. This is one of the main reasons why small businesses don't have websites. They simply can't afford it. But with Breakdance, you can create a website for a fraction of the cost. And if you ever need to make changes or add new features, you can do it yourself without having to hire a developer.

Breakdance is fast– like really fast. You can create a basic website in just a few minutes, and a more complex site in a few hours. This is because you don't have to worry about coding or design. Just drag and drop the elements you want, add your content, and hit publish. It's that simple! Plus, because Breakdance is built on WordPress, you'll have access to thousands of plugins and themes to customize.

What Can You Build With Breakdance?

The sky's the limit! With Breakdance, you can create any type of website you can imagine. You can use Breakdance to create any type of website but we especially endorse it for WooCommerce (ecommerce) websites in conjunction with WordPress. If you're not familiar with WooCommerce, it's the most popular ecommerce solution for WordPress. Combined with Breakdance, you can create a stunning WooCommerce store without any coding or design experience. Just add your products and start selling! Breakdance comes with beautiful styling for shops by default so your store will look great out of the box. If you're not looking to create an online store, Breakdance is still the perfect tool for you. You can use Breakdance to create a simple brochure website, an advanced portfolio, or anything in between. The possibilities are endless! And because Breakdance is built on WordPress, you'll have access to thousands of plugins and themes to customize your site even further.

a simple landing page built with breakdance builder
Landing Page Built with Breakdance

How Much is a Breakdance Builder License?

The builder currently costs $149/year for unlimited website license activations. This will go up to $349/year soon. If you stop paying for your subscription, your websites will still work but you will no longer have access to updates or support. There is also a 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. You could give the builder a try, rest assured you can get your money back if you're not satisfied! Currently, there is only 1 plan available for Breakdance. A single license can be used on an unlimited number of websites. We're not sure if there will be an individual site plan for a cheaper rate, or if you'll have to make a sacrifice and buy the unlimited license.

When was Breakdance Released?

The builder was announced on June 22nd 2022 but didn't officially come out to the public until September 12th 2022.

How to Lock in Current Breakdance Pricing?

If you purchase a license in the current days, you will be grandfathered into the current price. In the near future, Breakdance will be rising to $349/year, so ensure you can get the best price by purchasing soon.

What Happens If I Stop Paying For My Breakdance Builder License?

If you fail to renew or stop paying for your annual Breakdance license, the builder will still work but will not give you access to any future updates of the plugin. Additionally, you won't have access to premium support options from the Breakdance team.

Free Year of Breakdance with Oxygen License

Users with an active Oxygen Builder subscription get a year of Breakdance for free. In order to claim this, log in to your Oxygen account and link Breakdance under the 'more' tab. You can link both accounts together and download your 1-year activated license.

instructions to get a free breakdance license for a year, if you have a current oxygen builder license.

How Can I Try Breakdance For Free?

If you're interested in the builder but still not convinced on whether or not it's right for you, you can demo Breakdance for free on a sandbox website. A sandbox website is a temporary website that allows you to play around with the builder as it were a live site. This is the perfect way to see if the builder is right for you without any risk. Just make sure not to create anything of value, as each sandbox website will be deleted an hour after creation.

How To Install Breakdance

Just like any other premium WordPress page builder, it requires a subscription and license key before you can install it. You can purchase a license key from the pricing page on the official website. Once you have your license key, you can download and install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. If you would like to use Breakdance but don't have WordPress installed, you'll need to host your WordPress site somewhere before continuing. If you're more technical, it might be worth setting up a local WordPress development environment using something like Local or MAMP. If you are newer to WordPress or website development in general, we recommend using a WordPress hosting provider like Flywheel or WP Engine. These providers will install and configure WordPress for you so you can get started building your site without any headaches.

Once your site is set up and you have a Breakdance license, upload and install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. Once the plugin is activated, you'll be prompted to enter your license key. After that, you're ready to start building!

Main Features of Breakdance

Ok, let's talk about the builder! We've been playing with and testing Breakdance since it was announced in June. By this point– it's shown to be a great tool with lots of potential. While it doesn't have all the initial features & huge community of some of the more experienced builders on the market, it does have everything you need to create a beautiful website quickly and easily. It's constantly being updated with new features and improvements. Any person looking to create a website for their business could use this tool and be perfectly happy with the results.

The main features that stand out to us with the builder compared to competitors are WooCommerce integration, contact forms, and ease of templates. We'll go into more depth on those soon.

The builder has tons of native blocks ranging from text to fully designed widgets. In comparison to other leading page builders, Breakdance is amazing for first-time website designers. Additionally, the builder includes an Element Studio, allowing the creation and customization of Breakdance elements, both pre-built and custom ones. The blocks currently included with the builder are:

Basic Blocks - Section, Columns, Div, Heading, Text, Rich Text, Text Link, Button, Image, Video, and Icons

Design Blocks - Icon Box, Image Box, Basic List, Checkmark List, Icon List, Pricing Table, Blockquote, Stats Grid, Business Hours, Frequently Asked Questions, Gallery, Social Icons, Star Rating, Fancy Divider, Progress Bar, Basic Slider, Circle Counter, Simple Counter, Tabs, Countdown Timer, Lottie Animation, Scrolling Image, Image Accordion, Logo List, Dual Heading, Animated Heading, Simple Testimonial, Fancy Testimonial, Image Comparison, Notification Bar, Image Hover Card, Image With Zoom, Masker, Google Map, Facebook Comments, Facebook Like Button, Facebook Page Plugin, Facebook Post, Facebook Share Button, Facebook Video, Twitter Button, Twitter Embed Tweet, Twitter Timeline, Social Share Buttons

Site Blocks - Header Builder, WP Menu, Menu Builder, Search Form

Advanced Blocks - Wrapper Link, Code Block, Advanced Tabs, Advanced Slider, Global Block, Shortcode, Shortcode Wrapper, HTML IMG

Dynamic Blocks - Comment Form, Comments List, Post Meta, Post Title, Post Excerpt, Post Content, Post Featured Image, Author, Adjacent Posts, Archive Title, Post List, Post Loop Builder, WordPress Widget 

Form Blocks - Forgot Password Block, Form Builder, Login Form, Register Form

In Addition to the many great blocks available, the builder has some notable features making it stand out from the competition:

Faster Speed & Fewer Plugins

With tons of optimizations, the builder loads four times faster than other leading WordPress page builders. The number of plugins you need is also cut down as the builder includes everything you need to create your site without any bloat. Combined with a proper caching plugin like WP Rocket, you can create a site that loads in under a second right out of the box. You also don't need to install tons of 1-off plugins that do 1 very specific thing – Breakdance has a ton of elements natively providing features that designers have been requesting for years


The WooCommerce integration is fantastic. We were able to easily add products and checkout pages without any issues. The Breakdance WooCommerce defaults allow you to add products and set up payment integration to have your site live within the hour. No more painful WooCommerce setups and long design times. Everything is easily customizable within the builder too, so you can change the layout and design of your pages without touching any code.

Easy Template Editing & Integration

Breakdance was designed to be pretty on install, but if you're looking to customize your site further, it's easy to do so with the builder. By default, 7 templates can be created to customize dynamic content like your blog or WooCommerce pages. The complete list includes Single Product, Shop Page & All Product Archives, Specific Product Archives, Single Posts, Post Archives, 404 Not Found, and Search Results templates.

template listing in breakdance builder

Extensive Customization

Even though the builder can be used by amateur web designers, it still offers extensive customization options for more advanced users. If you know your way around CSS and HTML, you can easily add custom code to blocks and elements. You could also change how the editor looks by moving the placement of different blocks on the left/right.

Powerful Form Builder

MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Discord, GetResponse, Drip, ReCaptcha, MailerLite, and Slack are just some of the integrations Breakdance supports out of the box. You can integrate contact forms into team communication software, CRM software, and more to easily manage your site's leads.

Dynamic Data & Conditions Integration

As you build more advanced templates, you want access to the dynamic data your site offers. This includes custom fields, post types, taxonomies, image sizes, and user data. With the dynamic data integration, you can access this information and use in conjunction with a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields to easily display it on your pages. Additionally, the builder features conditional logic to show or hide certain blocks based on conditions like user role, page template, post type, and more.

Custom Fonts

On install, Breakdance has dozens of fonts available for use in your pages. However, if you want to use a custom font, the builder makes it easy to add them. You can add .woff or .woff2 file formats & then use these fonts in any of the builder's text blocks.

Multisite Compatibility

Multisite WordPress is a feature that allows you to run more than one WordPress site from a single installation of WordPress. This is useful for things like managing multiple blogs or creating a network of websites. Each site in a Multisite WordPress installation gets its own database and can be managed independently, but they share the same plugins, themes, and settings. Breakdance is fully compatible with WordPress multisite installations.


With the release of the Breakdance Page Builder, users have another great option for creating WordPress sites quickly and easily. The builder includes everything you need to create a site without any bloat. Combining the builder with WooCommerce is a match made in heaven, as it allows you to create an online store in record time. If you're looking for a powerful, yet easy-to-use WordPress page builder, be sure to check out Breakdance!

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