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Published by Justin on August 22, 2022
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Slack is a communication platform used by businesses to keep in touch with their employees. It allows for group and private messaging, file sharing, and integration with other applications. In order to use Slack, you first need to create a team. You can then add members to your team and configure various settings before chatting away. If you're using Breakdance, you can send your contact forms to a specific Slack channel which can be useful if you have a team that needs to be notified when someone submits a form.

Set up your Breakdance Contact Form

In Breakdance, create a new page and add a form builder. Scroll down to Actions and select Slack as one of the actions after submission. Once you've done this, we'll leave it alone for a few until we set up the webhook.

Enable Slack Webhook Integration

Create a Slack App

Create an app from scratch which will be used to post messages to your Slack channel. The first step is to give the app a name and choose the workspace you want to install it in. On the next page, scroll down to Features and choose Incoming Webhooks.

create an app from scratch in slack app api
naming app and workspace in a slack application
add incoming webhooks to slack application

Enable Incoming Webhooks

Toggle the switch to enable incoming webhooks and click Add New Webhook to Workspace.

Authorize the App. On the next page, you'll need to choose which channel you want to post messages in and click Authorize.

activate incoming webhooks in slack
choosing channel to send contacts to in slack

Create an Incoming Webhook

You should now be on a page where you can see your webhook URL. This is the URL that we'll need to use in our Breakdance form so copy it and head back to Breakdance.

copying slack webhook code

Setup Breakdance Slack Integration

In our form builder, paste the webhook URL into the Custom Slack Webhook URL field. Feel free to customize your fields and options but make sure to check the 'include form data' and 'include timestamp' settings. After you've configured everything to your liking, click Save

setting up slack webhook integration with breakdance

Test Channel Message in Slack

Save your Breakdance page and navigate to it live. Fill out a test form and press submit and within seconds you should see your message in your specified Slack channel.

sending a contact form message in breakdance
testing out message from breakdance in slack


Slack is a great tool because it allows for group and private messaging, file sharing, and integration with other applications. This makes it a great choice for businesses who need to keep in touch with their employees. Additionally, Slack offers a great API which allows developers to create integrations with a variety of applications. This makes Slack a very versatile platform. By using Breakdance to send your contact forms to Slack, you can easily keep everyone on the same page regarding your lead intake. Additionally, you can customize your form fields and options to ensure that all of the pertinent information is being sent along with each message. Give it a try and help streamline your process. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Written by Justin
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