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FindyMail Review: Verify Emails & Boost Your Response Rates

FindyMail is an awesome tool that helps you find your emails automatically. Export leads from Sales Navigator & Apollo and clean your lists in seconds before sending your email campaigns.
Updated August 13, 2023
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Do you send cold emails a lot? Are you upset when you find out your lists are full of invalid emails? What if you have prospects but can't find their actual emails?

Yeah, we've been there.

Our agency has been trying to find our prospects' emails but often run into invalid addresses, lack of information, or some other headache.

We discovered FindyMail about a year ago and thankfully it's solved all of these issues.

What is FindyMail?

Released in May 2022, FindyMail is an automated B2B email finder that can also verify emails in real time and quite accurately. This powerful web scraping tool automatically scrapes emails from LinkedIn, Apollo, and other websites within a few seconds.

FindyMail is available to be used as a Chrome extension in addition to their main web dashboard.

FindyMail email finding feature highlighting 1 out of 5 emails

Why Finding Valid Emails is Important for Cold Emailing

Having an email list is a must. However, you need to make sure that those email addresses are valid. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a high bounce rate and damage your send reputation score.

Using invalid email addresses has a huge negative impact on your email deliverability, which harms brand reputation.

Aside from high bounce rates, they can also lead to spam complaints. If you're deemed an untrusted sender, you won't be trusted across the community you're sending emails to.

I've worked with agencies that just sent hundreds of emails to lists without checking them and found their entire domains blacklisted after just a few days (warming up is a big part of this too).

Key Features of FindyMail

If you run an agency (or want to start one) and are looking to combine Apollo leads with verified emails before launching your cold emails, this is your tool. Let's go over some of their best features.

Powerful Email Verification

Verifying emails takes time and is such a pain. Exporting thousands of lead lists and finding the cheapest and most accurate tools honestly just isn't worth your time. This should be streamlined, and will be if you switch over to FindyMail.

FindyMail uses a proprietary algorithm that claims to use the most advanced email verification methods, including catch-all recovery. Without this tool, our agency would be screwed. We take leads from Apollo, import them into FindyMail, and verify the lists before sending. It's the ultimate funnel for our email campaigns.

Email Verifier feature on FindyMail that finds valid emails from contact lists

Oh also, email addresses that were scraped using the Chrome extension are already verified. The only email addresses you need to verify are those that you found somewhere else.

Export leads from Sales Navigator and Apollo

FindyMail allows you to export leads directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can also scrape searches from, one of the largest B2B databases in the world.

This Apollo scraper verifies emails automatically and will try to find valid emails if Apollo does not have them. These two integrations surely make FindyMail ahead of its competitors.

FindyMail uses a proprietary EmailDiscovery algorithm to make sure that the results you got are the most accurate. Almost all of the valid emails returned from FindyMail have actually been true on sending. You don't have to stress, I promise.

Export Apollo leads to a CSV using FindyMail

Accurate B2B Email Enrichment

To ensure that the email addresses are accurate, FindyMail only reports and verifies corporate or company email addresses. These emails contain the company name (Ex: and are usually found on company websites, especially on their About or Contact page. You won't see any Gmail addresses in your list.

In some cases, FindyMail may find invalid email addresses that are actually unusable. But don’t worry, you won't be charged for them.

You also won't pay for duplicate emails. The entire platform will only charge you for emails you can use.

List Cleaning in Seconds

There’s no such thing as a perfect email list, regardless of where you got it.

Some email addresses will be inaccurate, while others have typos.

Reviewing your list manually involves setting up your filters such as job titles, company names, and locations. But this is so time-consuming, especially with larger lists.

FindyMail has a unique cleaning feature that lets you filter leads even further. The leads that don’t match your filters will be highlighted to help speed up your productivity

Chrome Extension

By installing FindyMail's Chrome extension, you can easily scrape emails from Linkedin Sales Navigator.

You have to enter an API key to get authorized, but once you done you can go to Sales Navigator and start searching using your filters.

You'll no longer need to download and upload your CSV file. You could export these results directly to your account.

Seamless Integration with Workflows

FindyMail can integrate directly with tools like Google Sheets. Instead of downloading and uploading your CSV file, you can find emails and verify them directly from your Google Sheets.

It's really cool. All you need to do is to use their formula =GETEMAIL(name, domain) to find emails, and =VERIFYEMAIL(email) to verifying them. That’s it!

You can also connect your account with Zapier which virtually gives you access to working with 200 other applications.

FindyMail Integration lists giving access to an API, Chrome Extension, Zapier, Smartlead, and Instantly.

Finder Credits vs Verifier Credits

So the tool is basically split into 2 sections regarding credits.

Finder credits will get you the email directly from Apollo or other data sites. This is great if you have a lead but don't have their email anywhere accessible.

Verifier credits will ensure the email is still accurate and active. Great if you're working with huge lists and unsure about the reputation of them.

You could use either or both of these with the tool, but the credits are listed separately on your account

Finder and Verifier credits in FindyMail dashboard

FindyMail Pricing & Data Guarantee

I think the biggest con with using SaaS tools like these are often their price. They're usually made by a small team (or solo one) so they're not as affordable as well-known, older tools.

This is probably our biggest FindyMail annoyance, but we still continue to use it since it makes our lives so much easier. We just wish it was a bit cheaper.

For starters, they offer a very limited free account, where you will get 10 finder credits and 10 verifier credits. Beyond this they offer a few premium plans:

FindyMail pricing plans

Basic ($49/month)

  • 1000 verified emails ($0.049 per email)
  • 1000 email verifications

Starter ($99 /month)

  • 5,000 verified emails ($0.0198 per email)
  • 5,000 email verifications

Business ($249 /month)

  • 15,000 verified emails ($0.0166 per email)
  • 15,000 email verifications

They have higher level premium plans but these are really only needed once you fall in love with the tool + send tens of thousands of emails per month.

Our agency often switches between the Starter and Enterprise plans, depending on the volume of our campaigns that month (sometimes it's not so much, sometimes we go really hard).

All plans also allow unlimited team members and credit rollover as long you don’t downgrade the plan. And to reiterate an earlier point, you won't get charged for duplicate emails. They also claim to lower bounce rates by up to 5%

FindyMail Competitors

While we love this tool, it would be unfair to write a review without talking about its competitors. While they do claim to be one of the best email finder/verification services on the market, there's still some viable alternatives worth checking out.

Anymail Finder

Founded in March 2015, Anymail Finder is an email finder platform that allows you to find verified emails similar to FindyMail. Anymail only makes you pay for emails that have a deliverability rate of 97% or higher (and also won't charge if an email isn't verified). 


  • Chrome Extension
  • Zapier Integration + API
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Credit Rollover
  • Free cold email templates
  • Free Trial (20 verified emails)
  • Slightly more affordable plans


  • No Apollo scraper
  • No standalone email verifier


Founded in 2016, Dropcontact is another established automatic B2B email finder tool with a separate CRM enrichment subscription plan.

It's the only FindyMail alternative that doesn't use databases to enrich contacts. Instead, Dropcontact uses real-time algorithms to automatically verify email addresses before providing them.


  • Drag-and-drop UI
  • Email verifier
  • Phone number enrichment
  • CRM enrichment subscription (Hubspot, Salesforce, etc)
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Annual payment option
  • Free trial (100 credits) + API


  • No Chrome Extension
  • No LinkedIn scraper
  • No email cleaning tool

Founded in 2015, is another email finder and email verifier tool. Designed to help optimize outreach efforts and find email addresses based on the company name, Hunter is pretty great.


  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Email campaign tool
  • Chrome extension
  • API
  • CRM Integrations
  • Google Sheets integration
  • Domain Search
  • Bulk Email Verifier
  • Confidence Score


  • No social media research tool
  • No credit rollover
  • A bit pricey (Base plan: $0.05/credit)

Our Experience + Final Thoughts

I don't see ourselves using another lead finder + verification tool anytime soon. FindyMail just fits perfectly with everything our agency does. The tool is great, fast, and gives us exactly what we need.

With it's combined email verification tool and LinkedIn enrichments. It's really one of the only tools that finds an email from sales navigator at a reasonable price point that only charges you if it's actually a valid email.

Have you ever used FindyMail? What are your thoughts? Drop a comment below with your thoughts!

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