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The Google Search Algorithm Is Quaking – Is The Anticipated Summer Update Almost Here?

The SERP has been changing like crazy over the last week. It gives hints that a Google update might be looming any day now. With Google’s very own John Mueller leaving a cryptic yet faithful message about a summer update, I think we might be in for change quite soon
SERP Volatility Showing Googlequake Summer 2023
SERP Volatility Showing Googlequake Summer 2023
July 25, 2023 9:52 am

July has been a month of heated search volatility for Google, the results spiked up consistently since last week and doesn't seem to be on the fall anytime soon

According to Semrush Sensor’s report, the search engine results page (SERP) volatility had been consistently above the 9.0 range in the last week and is currently at 9.2 in all categories

Similar to this, tools such as Algoroo and Mozcast were reported to have consistent high volatility in the recent week. The search rankings seem to be frequently changing across virtually every sector.

Users who track the volatility results have been religiously waiting for an update since the last one was way back April 2023. Google loves to keep SEOs on edge but was quite quiet since then.

I think it's a bit safer to say we're expecting a search ranking algorithm update any day now from Google.

Google’s John Mueller confirmed in a tweet that there will most likely be an update this summer.

There were reports circulating the web about unconfirmed google updates in the previous months. John Mueller was asked about this in a recent tweet and he responded by telling someone to check the official dashboard for any updates:

All we can do now is wait before the summer is over to see what's in store...

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Written by Justin Gluska
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