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Google’s Upcoming Generative AI Search Experience – ‘SGE’

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) was reported to have a new feature that includes hyperlinks in the search results, attributing the sources of the information shown. Users can click the link to be redirected and dig deeper information.
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash
August 3, 2023 12:19 am

Google has been reportedly developing a transformative update on their Search Generative Experience (SGE) with the use of AI.

Google SGE is the upcoming version of their results page where generative AI capabilities are showcased to make searching easier for users.

A preview of the new update on Google’s SGE has been circulating the web with a new feature.

In the recent preview, the updated SGE is now showing results with hyperlinks to direct sources of information as a way to attribute publishers.

As seen in the twitter user’s photo, when users search or ask a question on the search bar, it appears that Google is directly speaking to its users while presenting a cohesively formed data that answers the question.

Accordingly, the Google website responded “here are some average costs for charging an electric car,” and enumerated the top results in a format that would make users understand the info quickly. The generative AI even gave a generalized answer to summarize the results – all by its own.

The power of AI enabled google to show snapshots of key information along with having an option to ask a follow up question to allow google to dig deeper and show more answers

In recent reports, Google is continuously making efforts to improve their users overall experience in using google search, hence, the enhancements on Google SGE.

According to Google, this will boost the performance of Google Search and it is an “early step in transforming the search experience [of users] with generative AI”. More so, they emphasized that there are still limitations and slowly, they are taking a responsible approach to bringing new things to the table.

Seeing the potential performance from Google’s SGE update, it could definitely make information searching and gathering much easier. Truly, generative AI systems continuously prove the advantages it could bring to various platforms.

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Written by Andy Hoo
Andy is an investigative tech journalist at Gold Penguin. Besides being a journalist with the heart and mind for truth and credibility, he is also a passionate content creator who loves making informative and recreational videos. He writes all types of news in the technology & AI industry.
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