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How to Add Warm Leads to Hubspot From Gmail

Integrating HubSpot with Gmail allows you to identify and manage leads efficiently. This guide provides the steps to save potential leads from your Gmail to HubSpot CRM in a few clicks.
Updated November 20, 2023
integrate HubSpot with Gmail
integrate HubSpot with Gmail
Difficulty: Very Easy. No prior knowledge required
Time Required: ~5 minutes

Today, being organized and prompt in managing your leads is essential for any sales professional. It's the difference between closing and losing a deal.

HubSpot, the popular platform for managing customer service, comes in handy to help streamline this process.

However, you’ve most likely encountered prospective clients right in your Gmail inbox. Moving those warm leads to HubSpot can have several benefits:

  • You can keep track of all interactions in one platform.
  • You can set reminders and automate tasks so you never miss an opportunity.
  • You can monitor how your leads behave, helping you refine your approach.

If these benefits sound like something you need, then you’re on the right page. In this guide, I’ll show you how to add those warm leads from your Gmail to HubSpot.

integrate HubSpot with Gmail

Adding Warm Leads to Hubspot From Gmail

1) Install the Hubspot Sales Chrome Extension

The Hubspot Sales Chrome extension automatically logs emails sent from your Gmail account to the HubSpot CRM. This allows you to quickly add new contacts to your HubSpot CRM without switching tabs.

To install the app’s extension, simply search for ‘HubSpot Sales’ from the Chrome web store. 

install HubSpot Chrome extension

Click ‘Add to Chrome’ and confirm by choosing ‘Add extension.’

After installation, the HubSpot sprocket icon will appear on your Chrome toolbar.

Click the HubSpot icon, and a dropdown will prompt you for your login details. Use your HubSpot credentials to sign in. 

Note: Make sure you have a HubSpot account before installing the app extension.

2) Connect Your HubSpot to Gmail

Open your Gmail account.

If it's your first time integrating the app, you’ll be prompted by HubSpot within Gmail to connect your account or grant permissions. Follow the on-screen prompts to allow the necessary permissions.

set up HubSpot Chrome extension

After successful integration, the HubSpot sidebar will be visible in your Gmail. This will provide you access to features such as email tracking, templates, and sequences.  Whenever you read or compose an email, you should be able to use these tools right away.

3) Add A Potential Lead From Your Inbox

In this tutorial, we’ll use a sample email to show you how to add a warm lead to HubSpot CRM.

sample Gmail inbox

Let’s go ahead and open the email, as shown below. 

Then, click the HubSpot icon from the sidebar. HubSpot should automatically fetch the email of the sender, along with the company details.

Click the ‘Add to HubSpot’ button. This will reveal a few details about the contact, such as the company name, phone number, address, and date contacted. 

add Gmail contact to HubSpot

You’ll also notice other options like Deals, Tasks, and Tickets. Let’s say this is a warm lead. So. we’re going to add the contact under ‘Deals,’ as shown.

add warm lead to HubSpot

Next, enter the deal details like the name, amount, pipeline, deal stage, and close dates. Click ‘Create Deal’ to save this information in HubSpot CRM.

add warm lead to HubSpot

In the dropdown, you should see the new deal added.

add Gmail contact to HubSpot

Click ‘Open in CRM’ to see the full details within your HubSpot account.

add warm lead from Gmail to HubSpot

What’s Next?

With HubSpot integrated into your Gmail inbox, identifying and nurturing potential leads should now be easier.

For instance, you can categorize your leads based on their roles, industry, or how they were sourced. You can also keep track of your lead’s interactions, such as email opens or content downloads.

HubSpot also offers a range of features to nurture your campaigns. Experiment with its capabilities to further enhance your engagement and conversion rates. 

Hope this guide helps you spot and manage those warm leads better. Don’t forget to share your HubSpot experiences in the comments. Your feedback might help others make the most out of this tool.

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Written by Christy Cañete
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