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Elementor Introduces Native AI Integration For Copywriting & Design

With Elementor AI, WordPress site owners using Elementor can now effortlessly generate original text, code, and language translations within the editor without any coding knowledge.
Updated June 6, 2023
a robot pointing to the elementor logo
a robot pointing to the elementor logo

It was only a matter of time until WordPress page builders integrated AI into their products.

AI writing tools like ChatGPT have been getting better and better, making it easier for website creators to produce high-quality content without spending hours on research and writing.

With Elementor's recent introduction of native AI integration in version 3.13, they've taken a significant step forward in optimizing the web design workflow for their users.

Some very interesting stuff is about to take place at the intersection of AI and WordPress. Tools like CodeWP have already started to bridge this gap, with Elementor AI being another step in that process.

The introduction of Elementor AI allows users to generate and improve text, custom code (HTML and CSS), and will eventually provide support for images. This powerful new feature has the potential to transform the approach to WordPress web design – from crafting the perfect copy to fine-tuning intricate visual elements.

Elementor AI headline copywriter tool with options to fix spelling & even translate languages

Creating original content and managing design ideas are now steps ahead of what they were even last week.

Elementor AI can be used for both short and long-form copywriting tasks like writing headlines all the way to crafting blogs and product descriptions.

They further allow you to adjust your website's content to match your brand style by making copy shorter/longer or simplifying/complicating your writing style based on your target audience. The tool even doubles up as a reliable proofreader by catching spelling and grammar mistakes.

It's further mind blowing to see the capabilities Elementor AI holds when it comes to code assistance.

An invaluable addition for those without advanced technical expertise, the Code Assistant enables designers to generate custom CSS tailored specifically for their needs without having any prior coding knowledge.

Need a button to move up and to the right on hover? Just ask. Need to add a slider to your page under an element? Again, just ask.

The company also showcased how you can natively implement a wide range of HTML snippets to your site – allowing you to add extra features without relying on additional plugins. A big win for those who like consolidation.

Overall this is the start of the massive integration of WordPress with AI. Other builders will eventually follow suit, integrating the AI features that make sense, and remove those that never showed success. A great win from Elementor!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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