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Lyne AI Review: Automate Your Cold Email Introductions

Cold emails can make or break your email marketing strategy. Incorrectly formatting your copy or too many links could easily land you in somebody's spam. How do you even get a prospects attention? Now with Lyne AI, you can send AI-generated, personalized cold emails faster than ever before
Updated January 30, 2024
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Cold email marketing is not easy – It requires a significant investment of time, a creative mindset, and a truckload of patience.

To catch somebody's attention and avoid being seen as a spammer, you absolutely must craft enticing, personalized cold emails. What makes you different? How do you separate yourself from other marketers? Customization!

As the first contact point with potential clients, cold outreach can hugely affect the outcome of a sale. Of course, personalization is the key, but how do you do so at scale?

Well, that’s exactly what Lyne AI is meant to help with. With Lyne AI, you can save yourself hundreds of hours manually customizing cold emails by generating unique cold email subject lines for absolutely any audience.

What Makes an Effective Cold Email?

Writing a cold email is a lot more complex than writing a casual or friendly email. You're reaching out to someone you don't know. They might wonder why you're emailing them, or why they should bother responding. A few things you need to know about writing the best cold emails:

A Catchy Subject Line

Your cold email subject line should be short, personalized, and intriguing. Ask relevant questions, offer helpful advice, or ask for their input. Make sure to use power words to create an emotional response, but don't exaggerate or mislead (or clickbait). Most importantly, make sure your subject line provides value and builds trust. Avoid using generic lines like “quick question” or “question for {name}”. These have been done thousands of times and don’t work anymore.

Personalized Introductions

To personalize your introduction, start by addressing your recipient by name, like "Hi [first name]." Introduce yourself briefly, without bragging, and mention any common interests or mutual connections. This can help you build a connection with the recipient. It's always better to keep it short, don’t use more than 1-2 short sentences.

A Great Value Proposition

Explain the purpose of your email clearly and concisely. Tell them about your product or service, and how it can benefit them. Focus on the benefits, not just the features. Give specific numbers! Why would you reply to an email based on fate? You need to include exact numbers or percentages you can offer. Don't sound like a salesperson, but rather someone who wants to build a connection. Remember, cold emails are meant to start a conversation, not to sell anything to them. 

A Clear Call-To-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) should be straightforward. You can request a meeting, a phone call, or a simple reply. You’ll almost certainly get better response rates if you’re just looking for a response. Asking for a 20 minute call is a lot easier once the lead is a bit warmer. Think about how you’d want to be approached.

What is Lyne AI?

Launched in January 2020, Lyne AI is a powerful tool that creates personalized icebreakers for cold emails quickly leading to higher response rate. This cutting-edge AI software can save you time and effort. 

No email list? No problem. Lyne AI also has a LinkedIn scraping tool that finds the best potential leads via Sales Navigator. It's cost-efficient, making it perfect for startups trying to compete in the market.

Lyne AI Key Features

Personalized Cold Email Icebreakers

With Lyne AI, you can create 1,000 personalized icebreakers for your cold emails in just 15 minutes! Ideally you could increase your response rate by 200-300% (on the low end). You can find a variety of templates for SaaS, SEO, and more. Plus, you have two options for cold email intros - Classic Lynes and No-Touch Lynes (for LinkedIn profiles).

Classic Lynes require a bit more training/prompting while No-touch work automatically.

Chrome Extension

By installing the Chrome Extension, you can easily scrape professional emails from prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. There are two options available: Sales Navigator Core (for individuals) and Sales Navigator Advanced (for teams). You can search for LinkedIn accounts and create a list to scrape and connect with them.

LinkedIn Scraping Tool

As the name implies, LinkedIn scraping is the process of extracting data from LinkedIn profiles. Lyne AI combines scraping with line generation. Being able to extract data from LinkedIn profiles, such as names, job titles, professional email addresses, and company details like company name, website, and size with AI can lead to some impressive emails.

Contact Research Options

Once you upload your CSV file to Lyne AI, you can choose from several contact research options. By turning on the Personal Sources and Company Sources buttons in Advanced Settings, Lyne AI will search for case studies, websites, blog posts, podcast appearances, interviews, webinars, recent news, and more. What other tool can actually dig this deep into somebody's achievements? (Just don’t get creepy.. lol)

Cold Email Software Integration

Lyne AI can be integrated with different cold email automation tools like Lemlist, Mailshake, Reply IO, Wavo, and Woodpecker. You can synchronize your AI-generated first lines with your email campaigns directly from your Lyne AI dashboard. With this integration, sending cold emails at scale is super fast.

Using Lyne AI for Personalized Email Lines at Scale

After signing up for an account, navigate over to the dashboard and go to "AI First Lines." Here, you'll upload a CSV of lead information (including their website, email, linkedin, etc) and have Lyne do it's work.

Once you upload your list of contacts, you'll select where you want Lyne to generate the line from. Select all the options you would like included, then rank them by the most importance. Some lists might make more sense to grab from LinkedIn, some from the web, etc.

Lyne AI can scan your file using both personal and company sources. You can select up to 12 different personalization points (or map fields). This includes first and last names, job titles, company names and websites, personal and company LinkedIn URLs, and professional email addresses.

Once you're done, submit it! That's all you have to do. Wait a few minutes (this could take a while depending on the size of your list) and you'll get a download link with a bunch of first lines to include in your outreach. You can sync these with your email sending platform and get on your way to closing as many clients as possible.

Who Should Be Using Lyne AI?

When used correctly, Lyne AI is great for both individuals and businesses trying to reach out to potential clients and partners using cold emails. This includes:

  • E-commerce companies
  • Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • SaaS companies
  • B2B marketers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Online retailers
  • Bloggers
  • Non-profit organizations

What Can I Get From The Free Version of Lyne AI?

With the Lyne AI free trial, you can enjoy 25 email credits and email campaign tool integration without any time limit. Consumed all your free credits and still want to send more cold emails? Lyne AI uses a pay-as-you-go payment method so you only pay for what you use.

How Much Does Lyne AI Cost?

Lyne AI offers a very flexible pricing model for all kinds of users. Aside from monthly or annual plans, you can also choose from any of their three major features – LinkedIn Scraper, Lynes, and Combo (a combination of Lyne and unlimited emails)

Lyne (Monthly)

  • $120 for every 1,200 Lynes/month ($0.10/Lyne)
  • $315 for every 3,500 Lynes/month ($0.09/Lyne)
  • $729 for unlimited Lynes

LinkedIn Scraper (Monthly)

  • $39 for every 2,000 emails/month ($0.0195/email)
  • $89 for every 5,000 emails/month ($0.0178/email)
  • $189 for every 20,000 emails/month ($0.00945/email)
  • $497 for unlimited emails

Combo (Monthly)

  • $599 for 1,200 Lynes/month + unlimited emails ($0.50/Lyne)
  • $769 for 3,500 Lynes/month + unlimited emails ($0.22/Lyne)
  • $1199 for unlimited Lynes + unlimited emails

You’ll get a 16% discount if you pay annual instead of monthly. I’d recommend starting monthly and then purchasing an annual plan if you find value in the tool. If you send a ton of emails this could be well worth the investment.

Lyne AI Pros & Cons



  • Very easy to use

  • User-friendly with a straightforward UI

  • Fast LinkedIn research and scraping

  • Impressive no-touch first lynes 

  • Flexible plans & pricing

  • Email software integration

  • Affordable pricing

  • Not ideal for smaller lead lists

  • May still need some line editing (this is common with all AI writing tools)

Lyne AI Alternatives

If you're looking for some alternatives to Lyne AI, there are other tools available for crafting cold email icebreakers. While they may have similar features, they differ in usage, plan offers, and user experience. Here's a few of them:

SmartWriter AI

SmartWriter AI is a personalized cold email icebreaker tool with many extra features. In addition to email marketing, their AI software can also help bloggers and social media content creators. It even claims to help some websites rank higher in search engines.


  • 7-day trial (15 credits/500 email verifications), no credit card required
  • Chrome extension for LinkedIn scraping
  • Can write and send personalized cold emails based on posts and comments on LinkedIn 
  • Can read and understand blog posts and create backlink request emails
  • Can create social media content
  • Can generate personalized Google Review icebreakers
  • Can create blog posts, outlines, and Meta descriptions
  • Can create ecommerce landing pages and product descriptions
  • Supports multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German)
  • Pop-up chat box


  • UI can be confusing due to too many features
  • Offers only a few email software for integration
  • Not pay-as-you-go


Like Lyne and SmartWriter, Nureply also allows users to create AI-powered personalized cold emails really fast. They also help with email followups!


  • 14-day trial (30 free credits), no credit card required
  • Simple UI
  • Free spam keyword checker
  • Easy and fast CSV file upload
  • Unlimited credit rollover
  • Zapier Integration
  • Can create cold email follow-ups
  • Responsive chat box


  • No Chrome extension
  • No LinkedIn scraping
  • No cold email templates
  • No integration with top email automation tools
  • Plans not flexible enough

Final Thoughts

With a competitive edge and seniority over its competitors, Lyne AI boasts a ton of benefits to help scale your cold emails efficient and effectively. You do not have to be an email marketing expert to create personalized cold emails since we have the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology!

But don't just take my word for it - experience the difference for yourself. And if you're already utilizing Lyne, how's it been treating you? Do you have some suggestions on how Lyne AI can improve? Share your thoughts down below!

Lyne AI Frequently Asked Questions

What does “pay-as-you-go” mean?

You'll only need to pay for Lyne as you use it. As of writing this, the Lyne pay-as-you-go rate starts at $0.10/lyne.

I cannot upload my Lyne CSV file, what should I do?

There are two possible reasons why a CSV file fails to upload. You might not have entered the details of your credit card or your spreadsheet contains more prospects than your credit balance or greater than the maximum number requirement.

To solve this issue, you can increase your credits or split your file into smaller batches and upload them again. You can break down your file using the Lyne AI CSV Splitter. Also note that the credits are based on each email, not each person.

I didn't get any results after submitting a CSV

  • Missing data – You did not include your prospects’ email addresses or LinkedIn URLs. 
  • Wrong data – You include a personal email address instead of a professional email address.
  • Incorrect map fields – Check if the data is on the respective column.
  • Sources are turned off – You turned off the data source (Ex: company website) that your prospects only have.
  • Small list – Increasing the list size has a higher percentage of getting more results. Smaller lists can also lead to very low match rates.

Why did my list stop working?

Your list will not work or will stop working if there are special characters such as parenthesis, and forward and backward slash, among others. Check your spreadsheet before uploading and make sure all fields are mapped correctly!

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