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Jasper AI Writing Platform Raises $125M in Massive Funding Round

Jasper, an artificial-intelligence copywriting startup, announced a $125 million Series A funding round led by Insight Partners
Updated January 14, 2023

With the recent buzz about writing and image creation with AI comes an exciting announcement from Jasper AI. Jasper, a writing platform that uses artificial intelligence to help both individuals and companies create and optimize their copy, just raised $125 million at a $1.7 billion valuation in an extraordinary round of funding.

This round, led by Insight Partners with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners, IVP, Foundation Capital, Founders Circle Capital, Coatue, and HubSpot Ventures, will help pave the way for Jasper to become the go-to solution for AI content creation. And with good reason – writers and marketers using Jasper can create various types of copy at speeds up to 10x of a sole human writer.

Jasper’s AI-powered platform is constantly learning and optimizing its content, meaning that businesses who use Jasper can be confident that their content is always top-notch. As the company states on its website, you can “Streamline your creative workflow" and "Breakthrough writer’s block.” Available in 26 languages, Jasper is quickly becoming a must-have tool for businesses looking to create content at scale around the world.

Jasper’s massive round of funding is yet another example of the growing interest in AI-powered solutions. As businesses continue to look for ways to automate and optimize their content creation, Jasper is poised to become a leader in the space. And with its constantly learning platform, businesses can be sure that their content will only get better and better over time. As a thank you to its 70,000 users, the company is offering 10,000 free credits to monthly users and 150,000 to annual users.

The product offers two current categories of creating content: documents and templates. The document feature is more for long-form writing like blogs, eBooks, and research papers. This feature offers an editor, style suggestions, content optimization, and a plagiarism checker.

Jaspers long-form document creation tab

The template feature acts as mini-AI service that offers dozens of different types of content creation including social media, email newsletter, and website content copy creation. One of our personal favorites are the creative story, personalized cold emails, and ridiculous marketing idea generators.

Jasper AI short-form AI content generator. Featuring content summarizer, AIDA framework, and paragraph description generators

If you haven't tried Jasper, they offer 10,000 monthly credits as part of a free trial. Once you start using it, you'll get hooked. The first day I tried writing with Jasper, I spent hours infatuated with the service and created more content than I had in weeks! I knew that this was going to change the way that I thought about content creation forever.

What Jasper Plans To Do With Series A Funding

So, what exactly does Jasper plan to do with its $125 million in Series A funding? The company plans to use the funds to further develop not just Jasper, but Jasper Art. Jasper Art is the company’s newest product, which helps businesses create visuals for their content using text descriptions. The product is still in beta, but the company plans to use the new funding to further develop Jasper Art and bring it to more businesses. Jasper Art, similar to other AI image generation platforms like DALL-E 2, takes a text description and creates an image based on that description.

Jasper AI art preview page

Jasper’s 6'8 CEO, Dave Rogenmoser, announced two other big updates that will be announced in the coming weeks. He believes in the next year "we'll see new models emerge, increasing interoperability, and mind-blowing improvements in the creative results" that Artificial Intelligence can produce. Considering the product has only been in existence for 18 months, it's impressive to see how it grew into a unicorn in such a small timeframe.

If you’re looking for a content platform that can help you create high-quality content at scale, Jasper is definitely worth checking out. With its AI-powered platform and a massive round of funding, Jasper is poised to become the go-to solution for content creation. We could not recommend another AI copywriting platform more! With AI having exploded in popularity in recent years, it is no surprise that a content platform like Jasper is on track to becoming a major player in the space. If you're not using Jasper to help with your content creation, you're missing out. You can create high-quality content at scale – and get all the benefits that come with it. Content combined with human expertise is going to become the new norm, and Jasper is leading the way.

What's Next for Jasper?

This is a huge win not only for Jasper, but also for the content marketing industry as a whole. With businesses of all sizes looking to adopt AI-powered solutions in order to stay competitive, it’s clear that Jasper is leading the charge in making sure that content creation is easier and more efficient than ever before. We've been using Jasper for a variety of content needs here at Gold Penguin, and the results have been amazing.

To the Jasper team, congratulations on this massive round of funding! We can’t wait to see what you all do next. Stay tuned for more updates on Jasper as they continue to grow! What do you think of Jasper’s round of funding? Is their business model sustainable? Let us know your thoughts.

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Written by Justin Gluska
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